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You know this talk is AWESOME because normally I DGAF about TED.

March 15th, 2014 No comments

Plus, I’m embedding it. How often do I do that?

[ted id=771]

h/t NPR: Is The Law Making Is Less Free? (spoiler: Yes!)

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Some juicy bits:

Law has to be simple enough so that people can internalize it in their daily choices. If they can’t internalize it, they won’t trust it. And how do you make it simple? Because life is complex, and here is the hardest and biggest change: We have to restore the authority to judges and officials to interpret and apply the law.


As you’re going down, and walking down the sidewalk during the day, you have to think that if there is a dispute, there’s somebody in society who sees it as their job to affirmatively protect you if you’re acting reasonably. That person doesn’t exist today.

And to reassure my politically correct/progressive fans that this guy’s not some tool (and believe me, I was waiting to hear “tort reform” presented as a solution, it’s not)

… because we got into this legal quicksand because we woke up in the 1960s to all these really bad values: racism, gender discrimination, pollution — they were bad values. And we wanted to create a legal system where no one could have bad values anymore. The problem is, we created a system where we eliminated the right to have good values.

Damn. Can I get an amen?  Hopefully this guy doesn’t turn out to be some sheep humper.




It’s almost enough to make me believe in curses

March 12th, 2014 No comments

We, all three of us at work, spent 20 minutes looking for a special screwdriver bit so I could once again do something I’ve had no training in.

I opened the machinery with the special screwdriver with the special bit and it’s just plain borked. Boss tells me to deal with it.

Now I’ve lost the special screwdriver bit. One minute it was in the driver, the next minute it’s nowhere to be found.

I knew this line of work was a mistake, but holy shit it feels like somebody’s nailing that point home hard. I wish I could get word back that I just can’t afford to quit.