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Django Unchained

December 30th, 2012 No comments

Definitely a lot of stuff for lily liveried bleeding hearts to get bent out of shape about. The faint of heart or delicate of sensibilities should not click the more link.

First, I enjoyed it. It’s deeply flawed in a lot of the ways Inglourious Basterds was, though. Plus a new one. Maybe two new ones.

Tarantino is spending way too much time with Eli Roth. After a while the blood splatters just get ridiculous.

His new editor needs to learn the truth to power trick. The pacing was way off, but slow throughout.

One great thing, the trailer does NOT give the movie away. I stopped watching them after the second trailer but even then the movie was not given away. Pretty awesome.

(Fair warning here, I am not PC and I understand context, click at your own risk). Read more…

GPOYW: Zzzzzz*

December 27th, 2012 No comments

GPOYW: Zzzzzz*, originally uploaded by JW Doom.

* sleep is simulated.


Political partisans make me swing. Stupid partisans.

December 26th, 2012 No comments

During the Age of Obama one might have mistook me for a liberal. Barack is a pretty moderate guy and he was pushing a reasonable, modest agenda. (sorry, Tea Party, Obamacare is a reasonable, modest proposal. No, wait, screw you Tea Party!) and the Republican opposition seemed oath sworn to drag America back to the Jim Crow, if not actual Antebellum, era.

Go back to the Clinton era (which, not a fan of the dickbag pseudoliberal who signed NAFTA) of lockstep politically correct bleeding heart-ism and you may have imagined me in a top hat, top coat and monocle.

I’m always out of step with the political mode because I HATE the political party. The very idea of them. Neither of the present ones are philosophically consistent because they’re founded in ultimately simplistic ideologies (GOP: backwardness, Dems: wishful thinking) but they twist otherwise reasonable people into accepting their contradictions because they’ve made themselves the only games in town. Which makes people buy into them and then it gets all tautological.

I’ll take the recent wave of gun control advocacy as an example. I really don’t care about the Second Amendment (or the other ones, actually), I care about self defense as an alternative to overbearing police power. And I really, desperately, seriously want to own a machine gun. Not a castrated “assault weapon”, but 650 rounds a minute of giggle inducing .223 Remington hosing. I’m not crazy, I’m not criminally minded, why shouldn’t I be allowed?

In a reasonable world there would be a way for sane, honest people to carry concealed weapons and own automatic weapons. They’re called shall issue screened licenses. Unfortunately the Democrats have fooled themselves into thinking with universal welfare and a universal gun ban everybody would be happy and play nice. Unfortunately the Republicans are stuck in some Little House on the Prairie fantasy land where a man’s log cabin is his castle and Judge Dredd is a documentary.

So where we are is the NRA resists every attempt to restrict gun access because the Bradies and Violence Policy Center prove that “slippery slope” is not an informal fallacy*. The VPC’s stated aims include banning civilian handguns (sorry, not giving them any traffic so no link). How are people interested in self defense supposed to compromise with that? We can’t, so we take the hard line lest we become completely dependent on cops for protection. So we fight, and people suffer.

So do the country a favor: drop your political party affiliation and think for yourself.

* although the right to life crowd’s infiltration of the federal judiciary already did that



December 19th, 2012 No comments

GPOYW: Yum, originally uploaded by JW Doom.

Adult hot chocolate!


GPOYW: Mmm, salad

December 12th, 2012 No comments

GPOYW: Mmm, salad, originally uploaded by JW Doom.

It’s crunchy and it keeps you regular!


GPOYW: Penthouse life

December 5th, 2012 No comments

GPOYW: Penthouse life, originally uploaded by JW Doom.

… and nostrils. You’re welcome.