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November 16th, 2010 1 comment

The first few weeks of the new job, apart from sucking, were kind of a fantasyland due to girlfriendly absence. Now that I’m back into this whole cooperative groove a certain time crunch factor is become apparent.

I got the gym (the so often stalled Operation Break 220), my writing (I swear this manuscript is never gonna fucking be ready for submission), the J-O-B, Quality Time (if ya know what I mean) and the occasional bit of personal business.

Work’s pretty set, but this odd early swing shift jacks things up. I keep defaulting to gym as Flexible Priority One, forgetting that I’ll have plenty of time to become gut free if I can lose this needing a job bullshit. So, writing.

After breakfast, I write. Done. Then with whatever time is left before work I exercise. If I need to run an errand, the gym suffers. Deal, gym. Those hours after I drag my ass home (at about nine freaking thirty) are Wooga’s generally.

Sounds good. How am I going to screw that, I mean, where are the challenges?

Booze, probably. Oh well. I likes the drinking. XD


The Five Stages of A Job That Sucks

November 4th, 2010 No comments

1. Realization
“You mean WE have to scrub the floors??”

Despite prior indications too ridiculous to fully absorb, for the first time it is explicitly explained to you that your job sucks.

2. Anger
I did not fucking put my life on hold for three years and run up $11,000 in student loans to be a fucking janitor

The natural response to finding out your boss is the kind of dipshit who can be maneuvered into doing another department’s work instead of his own. (note: this stage is usually conducted with one’s inside voice)

3. Avoidance
“I’m gonna go work on the room next door.”

Unfortunately your boss is only a pussy to other department heads, he’s quite persistent with people under his authority.

4. Half-assery
I’ll skip step 1, and maybe I can fudge step 3.

Some people never get past this stage, in fact this stage is the entire work strategy of some people. However a reasonable person realizes that at some point it’s just easier to do your fucking job, no matter how shitty it is.

4a heavy sigh
Not a universally recognized stage, more like a gateway to stage five.

5. Resignation
“I get paid the same no matter what.”

Accept that every job you’ve ever had, and every job you’re ever gonna have, fucking sucks somehow, in some way.


Mr President, find your balls. Please, for the country #obama

November 3rd, 2010 No comments

Two(ish) years ago on this very URL I blogged about Obama’s inauguration and all that hope and change shit he was talking about. He seemed like a good deal, he steamrolled W pt 2 and his insane crone sidekick, he wasn’t vocally anti-gun and he (most importantly for a Democrat) had some mojo, some desire to kick ass. But no, he appears to have the killer instinct of a stale Twinkie.

Barack, what the hell were you thinking with those town hall meetings? That the Republicans would play fair? That bipartisanship is a viable tactic in this era? The Tea Party was revving its engines, Democratic office holders were getting their asses handed to them all over the country and if the White House was doing anything it sure couldn’t be seen from ground level. You can’t fight these people by being a nice guy. You won your election on the internet, why the hell did you take it to where you could get mobbed? Where was the social media wizardry, the YouTube songs, the volunteer phone banks? What happened to Obama for America?

Never mind, you’re busy, I’ll answer this one. He couldn’t keep it. It was an electioneering machine and POTUS isn’t allowed to run one of those from the White House. So he turned it over to the Democratic Party and, yeah, they killed it. I don’t know why he didn’t spin it off to an entirely new non-profit. The DNC couldn’t run a successful nationwide campaign if they were allowed to buy votes with weed and hookers. Where were the attack ads pointing out the Wall Street bailout was Bush’s idea? Where were the shadily funded billboards comparing the Tea Party to the Taliban? Ah, that’s right, liberals are too nice for that shit. Too nice to win elections. But we all know that. They wanted to run Hilary for crying out loud. They didn’t bring the hope, Barack did.

Well, the Tea Party’s here, proving once again in American politics volume trumps thought and Congress is gonna be deadlocked. What are you going to do about it, Barack?