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Ruh roh

July 27th, 2010 No comments

As I’m finishing for the day, updating records and whatnot my 40% boss tells me “I really hope I get this job.”


I ask second job or replacement job?

“Oh, replacement job!”

Ruh roh.

He says he has a second interview at a well established Oregon company (he told me which one and I know it.) If he gets this job, is the hotel gonna offer me his? Cuz I DON’T want it. No way do I want to make bricks with no straw to make the fucking owner and his WASP douchebag VP rich full time.

I’m only using this job to extend my UI bennies, if I was gonna work at a hotel it would not be this one at this location. As much as I hate corporations their bureaucratic mediocrity is often preferable to having the petty tyrant next door. Plus the bennies often, well, benefit from economies of scale.

Of course when I ask I’ll say I don’t have the experience to do the job well, which is also true. I wonder if turning down a promotion for that reason is kosher with UI. I hope so.


WTF, softball?

July 24th, 2010 No comments

ESPN is on at the gym and there’s a softball game on. This happens occasionally and a few questions always come into my mind.

1. Why aren’t the fielders wearing hats?

It’s sunny out there and these girls are running, okay, mostly standing around with their eyes unshaded and their heads, have long hair mostly. Still, sun in eyes makes for problems. The pitchers are squinting like hell. Yes long hair typically doesn’t fit well under ballcaps but chick golfers tend to wear visors, why not softball players?

2. What’s with the batting helmets?

They have chinstraps and face grills. Are these girls linebackers or softballers? College baseball batting helmets may have chinstraps (I really don’t know) but I don’t think they have face protection. Are widdle girls afwaid? How often do underhand pitches from a level surface result in head shots, let alone blows to the face? MLB batters are pretty good at turning away from inbound pitches, maybe chicks can’t tell the big, yellow ball’s trajectory.

3. Why all the high fives?

It’s worse than the damned NBA, where stumbling gets a round of daps. This game doesn’t seem so bad but I’ve seen outfielders run to the bases for group hugs between plays. Man up, girls, this is a sport you’re playing!

4. They really do run like girls.
I wonder what a good OBP is for a chick. Because they throw like girls, too.

Breakfast Sloppy Joe

July 24th, 2010 No comments

Breakfast Sloppy Joe, originally uploaded by JW Doom.

Because I’m gonna die anyway.


Breaking news!!! Steve Jobs is kind of an asshole. #att #apple

July 23rd, 2010 No comments

From this Wired article, first a few choice quotes.

“What is clear is that AT&T’s role will always be that of parsimonious gatekeeper, dictating to its customers how much data they can have and how much they’ll pay for it. It is precisely the role the company hoped to avoid, the reason that carriers long refused to give phone manufacturers and software developers the kind of influence that Apple now wields.”

I’ve always felt kinda sorry for AT&T. They’ve been my only cell carrier and I’ve never had the troubles with them that other people have reported. Since I got my iPhone (I’m still on a first gen) I’ve always blamed Apple for putting a shitty phone into the world’s best pocket computer. Even as an Apple loyalist (not fanboy), I believe all problems here can all be placed squarely on the turtlenecked d-bag in the big chair at Cupertino.

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