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Partly hired

June 24th, 2010 No comments

Tuesday I start a part time maintenance job at a hotel. It’s two days a week, but it’ll last longer than unemployment insurance, especially since right now there’s no extensions (Congress apparently is considering a vote to make some) it will also leave time to interview for real jobs.

Not really something to celebrate, but better than nothing.


Seattle cop does right, but badly…

June 16th, 2010 1 comment

1. If you interfere with an arrest, you should expect to get fucked up.

2. This cop is terrible at his job. It takes him over two minutes to get a moderately sized woman under control. He can’t get an arm bar, the perp easily eludes his grasp several times. Even if she was on meth or something, the punch in question is weak. This guy clearly isn’t a Krav Maga student. Maybe his squad should pass the hat to cover his initiation.

I’m not normally a police supporter, I have significant problems with the theory and practice of civil police in a democracy. However, this time, the cop was right. No doubt. He’s just not good at it.

A new (suck-ish-y) day

June 14th, 2010 1 comment

Turned in the keys to my now former apartment, so I’m homeless. In the best ne’er do well traditions of my redneck forebears, I’m leeching off women. I’m pretty much set up at Wooga’s house. Since I never moved my bed from my mom’s house I have an extra, so I made a bedroom in one of her unused rooms. This is key because I inherited my paternal family’s snoring, exacerbated by some shit growing in this neighborhood I’m particularly allergic to. I also take sadistic glee in irritating my girlfriend, so having somewhere to hide will be a handy thing.

The move out inspection was damn near white glove. I’m pretty sure it was just setting me up to get soaked for the cleaning company they hire. But if they keep my entire deposit, that’s maybe two months difference between what I was paying in rent and what I’d pay anywhere else in that neighborhood, or anywhere in the city center. So it would be shitty, but not as shitty as it might have been. Not as shitty as it would be coming from a professionally-run building.

Then I went to the gym, where I got a call to an interview tomorrow. A crappy job that pays utter shit, but maybe that’ll narrow the pool so I have a chance at this one.