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Lawns are dumb

May 30th, 2010 No comments

Winter sun and heavy spring rains made Wooga lawn go apeshit. I’m taking ambush concealing, Charlie’s in the bush type growth. Since I’ll be effectively living here in a few weeks I decided to pull some of my weight and take care of the grass. Not mowing, oh hell no. I don’t mow. At Chez Wooga, it’s the weed whacker that takes care of bidness.

Now, after several Zyrtecs, a nap and wondering if my sneakers are ever going to be not green again, I say:

Fuck lawns, yo.


Re: the Nickleback convo

May 24th, 2010 No comments

This past weekend whilst pub crawling with the Yeeps, I observed that Nickleback was once a decent rock band, before they discovered that post-grunge pap a la Creed was easier and more lucrative. My recollection didn’t recollect specifics and the people I was talking to doubted me. Justifiably so.

The song that broke them to American rock radio was “Leader of Men”, a respectable uptempo rocker. It doesn’t redeem their ouvre, but it’s a good song on its own.


Adventures in Brining

May 21st, 2010 1 comment

I’ve been eating chicken for a long time. Boned, skinned, frozen then bagged. It’s cheap, it’s low calorie, it’s cheap. First breasts, then thighs. I’m not sure when I noticed that someone had figured out how to give chicken thighs the business, but I love that guy/gal. But still, y’know, it’s chicken. Chicken’s just, y’know. Meh.

I just finished lunch, which was built around a chicken thigh with no sauce, no gravy. A baked chicken thigh, at that. And it was amazing. Since you’ve read the title, you know why. Brining.

A brine is a salty solution. Here’s mine: 16 parts water, 3/4 part salt, 2/3 part sugar. The recipe calls for cups, I tried to do it with smaller measurements but it was a pain in the ass. So this last time I just made one full batch that I’ll portion out bit by bit.

The resulting thigh is pretty salty, I’ll warn you (which makes the original recipe’s addition of 3/4 part soy sauce mind boggling). I think it’s intended to be used with a whole chicken. So if you try it, maybe reduce the salt content even further.

But why, you ask? What’s the point? Ever had a piece of chicken so moist and tender you couldn’t quite convince yourself it was actually cooked all the way? Yeah, that’s what I just ate (30 minutes at 350 degrees, then left in the oven with the heat off while stuffing and veggies were prepared. It was deffo cooked).

In the middle of lunch I thought “I need to tweet this”, but I’m pretty sure I have already. So instead of laboring the point, I’m sharing here, so I can hopefully remember that I have and not keep bothering my audience with it.

Speaking of which, if you tend to eat holiday turkeys that seem awful sawdust-y, point whoever does your gobblers here.

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It’s done…

May 17th, 2010 1 comment

Gave notice on the apartment. 6/12 is my last day, but if I get out earlier I get more prorated rent back, so I’ll try to do that. I mentioned to the manager the possibility that I might get hired in that period, but if I haven’t been offered a job in the last year and a half I’m not gonna get one between now and when someone puts down a deposit on this place. Studios go pretty fast in this building.

Now I’m taking a break from straightening the place up for viewing. Mgr promised me it wouldn’t get shown before Wednesday, but there’s no reason to dawdle in doing the cleaning I should have been doing all along. Tee hee.

I was reminded that $125 of my deposit is non-refundable to pay for the turnover. Which is shitty, but oh well, rent (inclusive, you’ll recall) is cheap here. $125 isn’t even one month’s difference between this place and what studios go for normally. Since I know I’m not getting that back I can slack on the cleaning a bit. The carpet, for instance, is all on them.

Anyway, yeah, this sucks. I was gonna mope some but I’m going to prepare lunch instead.