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Your Constitutional argument fails to move me

March 22nd, 2010 1 comment

I’m kinda fuck the Constitution.

But, you gasp, it’s the cornerstone of American democracy and the basis for our freedom and ideals and blahblahblah. What was that? I couldn’t hear you over Jim Crow laws and banned in Boston. The Constitution does what it’s told to do, based on who’s interpreting it. Partial birth abortion was protected in 2000, but not in 2007? Guns are a community right before 2008 and an individual right after? What changed, other than the make up of the Supreme Court? So much for your cornerstone argument. And the freedom one, for that matter (TSA, anyone?)

No one really gives a shit what the Constitution says and what the rich white guys who wrote it meant. People care about what they want and how they can twist unnecessarily florid writing to support their ideology, or whoever signs their paycheck.

This post is, of course, in response to the teabagger’s latest diehard belief, that health care reform is unconstitutional, based on the, whatever. Does it fucking matter? If it’s a matter of state’s rights, well that got decided in the Civil War. Common Americans, on both sides, made that decision with their lives, not rich men behind locked doors and armed guards. Not that you’ll ever get a fucking lawyer to buy that.

So if Congress says it can decide how health insurance works, the states shut the fuck up and do it. Unless they want to secede and see what it gets them. Let’s see the morons in the teabagger movement try to organize an army out of Wal-Marts.



March 22nd, 2010 No comments

WTF?, originally uploaded by JW Doom.

When did this as seen on tv-convenience store alliance occur?
(at the 4th Ave Petersen’s)


Aw, fuck.

March 18th, 2010 1 comment

Unemployed again.

Got no information from management, of course. My temp recruiter said the fucker told her I wasn’t trying enough. Which is bullshit. I suppose he expected me to patrol the building looking for broken shit, which is a practice so terrible I couldn’t actually bring myself to believe he meant it. This is now maintenance works, you do your scheduled stuff, then you fix what breaks. In building maintenance this means taking service calls. That’s it. The end. The whole process right there. Surveys looking for problems are perfectly reasonable, if they’re a scheduled PM! You don’t tell the new guy to wander around. When he told me he wanted me to be more proactive (never trust anyone who uses that word) he only mentioned one specific thing, which I was fucking DOING.

So I don’t know where this leaves me. I might be able to restart my claim, I gotta get some info from the agency before I can file. I don’t know about extensions or anything, they all have deadlines that your benefits have to run out before. I think the deadline next one I was looking at has already passed.

Thank you, girlfriend, for talking me out of buying a Mac Mini will my federal refund.


Work related

March 15th, 2010 1 comment

Approaching two months. Last week I got more keys, which I’m interpreting as a further indication of trust and, favor I guess for lack of a better word. Unfortunately I’ve developed some janitor jingle. If I get hired I’m getting a reel so I can keep the keys in my pocket when I’m not using them. It’s also harder to lose them with a tether.

A few weeks ago Manager told me I was working well and fitting in, but he wanted to see more initiative. That was before I got my work Crapberry, tho. I was sitting around a lot then, waiting for stuff to do. Still I’m not sure if he really meant that and was getting reports on me or something, or if it’s just some boilerplate managerial stuff he likes to say.

I’m feeling more confident, but still trying to not be presumptuous. I’m leaving a few tools here until I get issued some and I’m leaving my steel toes here to facilitate getting to the gym. Since I have less stuff to pack I can bring my gym clothes to work, that definitely helps


It’s about the process, and other excuses

March 11th, 2010 3 comments

Handing the right thing to someone right when they need it is an underrated skill. I’m a natural born apprentice, except I don’t want to learn anything or ever have responsibility for, y’know, doing stuff. Results? Hey, the ladder’s right where you need it. What else do you want? Accomplishments are hard and stuff. So where can I find the handing things to people job? As long as it’s not restroom attendant. I don’t wanna be that dude at Starz.


Getting over #twitter

March 10th, 2010 1 comment

I was by no means an early adopter but I’m glad I can remember Twitter before it became a linkshare/syndication tool. My feed is a river of foursquare/Yelp check in bullshit, endless retweets, PR nonsense and what should be blog posts broken into 140 character snippets. Its signal to noise ratio is going in the wrong direction, seriously. I’m tempted to blame Oprah and Kutcher, but an equal portion is coming from my IRLs. Can my users generate some content up in this bitch?

I think I’m going to blog more.


Music as program (or virus)

March 3rd, 2010 1 comment

Before I got my iPhone, and when I still lived with TV, I made an effort to stay in touch with pop music. I’d been mostly about alternative music since the format was conceived, with occasional forays into a metal ghetto, but I didn’t want to become some kind of obscurist. No hipster, I.

But my iPod radio gadgets kept breaking and I decided I’d rather drink my cable budget, so my trips to Z100 and MTV gradually wasted away. Then Bally started its own music video station. I’d forgotten how fucking catchy a pop tune was. Have music engineers perfected the earbug, or are my ears just out of shape?

Example: I read about “I Kissed A Girl” (Perry, not Sobule) on the web long before I heard the song. Queer organizations getting weepy about capitalizing on trysexuality or some bullshit. Then I’m in a tenant space and they’re playing some musical insipidity and once the beat is engraved in my ear drum I catch the chorus and I realize this is that song. I STILL catch myself humming the drum machine line. It’s insidious.

Sure, I remember “Mmm-bop” (Who the fuck old enough doesn’t? God damned Hansen!), I know the earbug isn’t new, but it always seemed like lightning in a bottle before. Now it’s a damned industry. And is it just me, or does Auto Tune only make it worse?

Take Jason Derulo’s lead (I think) single, yet another execrable R&B cheating apology (although one with a clear post-Kobe thread of buying his way out of trouble). The music is entirely unremarkable but the hook seems to be a voice autotuned into asexuality. Also, that thrice damned Kesha (I refuse use her pseudo-leet/pseudo-gangsta dollar sign spelling). My first exposure to what seems to be Mickey Avalon with tits was when her record label wrangled her onto the iTunes Music Store free single of the week. I don’t even think the file made it through a single play before I trashed it. But after just a few days on Bally TV I can NOT get “don’t stop make it pop” out of my damned head. The music? Pfft. I wouldn’t be surprised if that song lacks a single live instrument. The vocals seem to be mostly straight but there’s some definite intentional vocoder action up in that bitch. I could even legitimately like the track if she wasn’t badly rapping in that weird nasally accent thing. I like Mickey Avalon and I absolutely support a woman’s right to be a dirty skank if she likes. But that faux New England-jersey-whatever. It’s a definite problem.

Katy Perry’s song had that drum machine to provide a remove from the rest of the song, but pop music seems to have taken care of that. It now seems to be all about the sponsored performer (I can’t bring myself to say “singer” or especially “artist”) now. Is this new? A result of a small sample size?

And does one have to be a trained dancer now to get a record contract these days? Maybe I should just stick to metal.