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What to do, when to do it

February 17th, 2010 1 comment

Now that this job thing is being worked on (about a month! woot!) I need to work out how to do the rest of the stuff I need/want to do in the remaining time of my weeks.

When I was unemployed it was simple, I got up and did my daily futility (a term with special meaning since a temp agency found me this job), then at some point I wrote, then at some point I went to the gym. The problem now is that recurring use of “at some point”.

I need to write, every day. At least every weekday, like a part time job. I want to be less fat, which means gym time. Hopefully at some point I’d shoe horn some weight lifting into that. I should attend my Krav classes, since I pay for them whether I go or not. Lastly I subscribe to a large number of RSS newsfeeds. When unemployed it was a matter of some work to read them all. So far that, of all fucking things, has taken top priority. I guess it’s not that weird upon thinking about it. They come to my computer and it takes no actual effort to do them. But that’s got to stop. Some of them are important for research and news value. Some aren’t. I’ve already prioritized them, but I should disable the feature that tells me how many unread items I have. That should help. I get to the less important ones when I get to them.

I was thinking today that writing should be my top priority. But maybe it’s Krav. Krav attendance is indisputably a good thing for me. It’s a hell of a workout and it directly supports my confidence. You don’t realize how much concern about getting your ass kicked weighs upon you until you realize it’s gone. I only go once a week, even though the trip to Milwaukie complicates timing. When to eat on Krav nights is also a nontrivial question, for calories and dollars. But I burn the calories in class and a few dollars once a week isn’t that big a deal, I suppose.

So, on non-Krav nights I go home after work to write. This is probably only until I get hired. At that point I’ll have a locker at work. I likely could use one now, but that smells like fate tempting. With a locker I could leave uniforms, or at least my steel toes, at work and thus pack gym clothes. I tried to pack my gym clothes to work once but that was a serious pain. It might be the best option, however.

Until then, work, home to write, then gym. But losing weight also means eating right, which means shopping. So when the hell do I do that? Maybe I shop after Krav lessons. I do have two late night grocery stores nearby. Hmmm.



February 8th, 2010 No comments

Ah, how quickly I become blasé (is that the right accented e?). Monday number two of semi-employment is just another
weekend coming to a crashing halt. I’d do something about this spiritual complacency if I could be bothered.

I was pulling for the Colts in the Super Bowl, but my level of emotional investment was low. Nil, perhaps or something close to it. Peyton seems
like a class act, although I’ve heard he’s the quintessential Dumb Jock. In a league of Owenses and Belicheats, I’ll take it. New Orleans winning one hardly broke my heart. That city has deffo had more than its share of bullshit to deal with. I hope it can survive the utter lack of productivity coming upon its economy. How long does a citywide hangover last, anyway?

Wooga told me a while ago she was
planning a trip to the Woodburn outlets and asked if I wanted to come along. Yeah, why not? I could look at the Pearl Izumi store and maybe get her to eat some fast food. Accomplished both goals. I win! But greatest win came via the North Face store. As previously mentioned on Twitter I picked up a fleece liner for my goretex jacket. Can’t wear my Yelp hoodie at work, sadly, and the goretex itself is a bit bulky. So I grabbed a gray (mushroom gray, apparently, in girl colors) lightweight windproofish fleece. When I saw it was 35 this morning I was really glad for that. Clutch timing on that trip, Wooga. WTG. I’ve been basically wearing two coats for years. Lately it’s been my Yelp hoodie and a windbreaker. It’s kind of a Thing now to grab my jacket and not have to make sure the innards don’t fall out, or to hang it up and not have the outer part slide off. Progress, baby. Now if only my fuck up field will leave these extra zippers alone.