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Driving lesson suggestions

August 27th, 2009 5 comments

Next week is the last of my three driving lessons and accordingly my final chance to get some professional instruction. Without spending even more money, anyway.

The only things I can think of I need to cover are crazy streets like 82nd, freeway driving and some parking stuff. Parallel parking in particular.

The suggestions I’d like are what do YOU all wish that you could do, or do better when driving. Or perhaps what do you wish other people knew?

I already know how to not tailgate, not that it’s a specific skill. That’s more “how not to be an asshole.”


A zen moment for TriMet

August 26th, 2009 1 comment

The bus is only going to go as fast as it’s going to go. The repeated stops are not only the point of a bus, but factored into the schedule. Getting irritated at the constant stream of befuddled folks taking perhaps a full minute to board doesn’t help. Worry only raises the blood pressure. Breathe deeply, unless there’s B.O. or someone brought french fries aboard. Relax. Be still. Don’t kill anyone.

I’ll get there when I get there.
Especially with all these fucking traffic lights.


I amaze myself

August 17th, 2009 1 comment

Actually bought some groceries today. First thing! Milk, salad mix & red beans. Yeah, I may be temporarily poor. I ate prepared food in my kitchen (twice?) and tracked the calories. Back on track on Project Stop Being Such A Fat Bastard, yay! I ran my daily futility routine. Productivity abounds! I even finished entering lyrics and album art on my current main playlist, which I promptly reset.

Awesome. I thought. Now writing, then I walk to the gym with my pedometer. Then tonight Krav Maga! I am back in business after last week’s utter irresponsibility!

Or, I could lose four fucking hours to the world wide timesuck.


I’m missing Krav because PFC Teabag is home from Iraq. Everything else is just me riding the failwhale like a sandworm.

Still, I’m glad I got the playlist reset. Net positive.


Horizons: broadened, I think

August 16th, 2009 3 comments

Two things I don’t really understand, Thai food and BMX culture.

Thai food isn’t really exotic in Portland. It’s subsided a bit but there was a time around Y2K you couldn’t take a pee without splattering a Thai restaurant. I just don’t know much about it. But I know what I like and I likes me some PK. Wasn’t feeling particularly adventurous unlike here so I just got the pad thai and, well, I guess it was pretty good. I dug it. I went here a few times when I was working in the Pearl so I knew it was a safe bet. Wooga‘s apparently a bit pickier (or maybe more knowledgeable) about her Thai food, she told me once that some Thai restaurants put ketchup in their sauce. Yeah, WTF? Sounds lame but I bet it tricks us round eyes into digging what we think is some authentic shit. Like I heard on Wednesday there’s some corporate restaurant that puts yellow cake mix in their cornbread. Anyhoo, lunch seemed to be a great success. I ate a lot.

After that, BMX. I know, weird. My bike bears only the most superficial resemblance to a BMX (okay, it’s 90% the same in construction but not in principle) but my boys A/C & Slo Dogg are into it and I went to the premiere for the new (first?) Shola video. It had dudes doing shit with bikes. When it comes to EXTREEEEEEEEEEME sports all I know is they should keep that shit out of other peoples’ way and it’s funny as hell when they wipe out. I don’t know what’s hard and cool and what’s easy and lame. Occasionally the crowd would ooh and ahh and a few times they broke into cheers, so I’m guessing there was some bomb stuff there. My favorite section was the dude who kept wiping out trying to do a backflip down a hillside. The (way) afterparty was at Kelly’s and they ran the DVD on one of the TVs on repeat. I was sitting with some folks and pointed out my favorite section. One guy wanted to know at what point you give up. I would have packed it in after the over the handlebars face plant, but it was on a gentle grassy slope and if you’re prone to giving up you probably wouldn’t be doing back flips on a fucking BMX bike anyway. Anyway, next video: more wipeouts. I can watch those all day long.

And now I’m home. \/\/007.

Overall, good weekend. Some serious financial and dietary irresponsibility (I haven’t shopped for groceries in three weeks, I’m not sure what I’ve been eating), but fuck it.


Sneaker advice

August 7th, 2009 2 comments

Option 1 is a black low top with red stripes.

Option 2 is a black high top with black stripes and a white toe.

I kinda dig the high top, but I also like the black and red. And I didn’t see anything in the shop that combined them this time. Now there was also an all black hightop with a capped toe, I think rubber but I can’t recall now. They’re all the same price and my fly gray sneakers need a backup badly.

What do y’all think? Apart from buying examples of a competing shoe company, Mr You-Know-Who.