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June 28th, 2009 1 comment

Need!, originally uploaded by JW Doom.

I want some of these stickers.



June 13th, 2009 3 comments

I know I’m not brand name fat, but I’ve definitely got a belly on me. I’d like it to go away so I’ve been tracking my eating and (sigh) drinking on for a week or two now. I’ve drawn a few conclusions.

I did pretty well not eating out, but I drink way too often. I need to try to restrict myself to two nights a week, both in interest of cutting calories and lowering expenses.

I’m doing well getting to the gym. Most times I treadmill at 3 to 3 1/2 mph at a 5.0 incline (5% grade? I dunno) for two rounds of 30min each with 5 min cooldowns. I want to do this 5 days a week, regardless of other exercise. Sparkpeople says I need to burn about 1300 calories a week and an hour of treadmill burns at least 600 calories. There have been times I wasn’t watching my intake at all but kept from ballooning as long as I did my hour of treadmilling, so I’ve obviously got something good there. Also a great time to get reading done.

I’m not sure what to do about weights. I know I won’t be able to build much mass while managing calories, but I’d still like to be stronger. I want to lift twice a week, but this is complicated by my Krav Maga classes. Judging from the soreness that’s some strength training right there. Since I can realistically only try to limit lean mass loss during this dieting thing, maybe one weight workout a week is enough.

I need to keep working on meal planning. I really just started so I can’t be too hard on myself for lapses, but I wrote most of this waiting to order at Chipotle before I hit the gym. Not good. Why was I doing that? I didn’t know one critical ingredient had gone fuzzy in my fridge. Oops. I should have my meals worked out a week in advance to minimize oversights like that. This also includes snacks. I forgot to get my trail mix ingredients (peanuts with raisins and M&Ms) my last grocery trip. That’s another way to avoid emergency fast food stops.

I miss living across the street from a grocery store. But I love staying out of my savings account.

There’s only one thing I’m totally failing at: tracking. Sparkpeople has a mobile tracking site, I need to get used to using it. Or at least noting what I’m eating (more importantly drinking) to enter later.

And lastly I needed a new bathroom scale, which I got yesterday. I like to weigh myself in the morning after I’ve, um, shed any easily lost mass and before I eat or drink anything. I figure that’s the best way to get a consistent idea of my ups and downs. A long time ago I freaked myself out by gaining four pounds in two days, then I remembered that I’d worked a Saturday at my last office job and they’d bought lunch from Applebee’s. Chicken & riblets (mmmmm) were still sitting in my stomach.

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These bike racks

June 12th, 2009 1 comment

These bike racks, originally uploaded by JW Doom.

fucking suck.


God damned food snobs.

June 2nd, 2009 4 comments

From my review of a Subway in my ‘hood, because I smell flags coming:

Some people like to hate on Subway. I’m not sure what gets their goat, is it the fresh bread? Maybe they think baking should be some secret alchemy restricted to carefully vetted initiates.

Maybe it’s the veggies? Yes it would be nice if every store had a garden on the roof, but we have to recognize the impracticality. Some stores don’t even have roofs. But this stuff is good. I’ve seen way more slimy lettuce in my fridge than in Subway (infinitely more, because I’ve never seen slimy lettuce in a Subway. Wait, once, but they instantly threw the rest of the tub away and got more).

Oh, the service? The quick, friendly, I’d-never-be-this-good-on-minimum-wage service? I’m sure somewhere there’s a jerky or incompetent Subway counterperson but I’ve yet to see one, even in the filthy hinterlands of Lents/FoPo.

I know, it’s Subway’s encouragement of entrepreneurship via franchising in the face of corporate monstrosities, or maybe their commitment to fitness and nutrition instead of burgers that are the RDA for calories, plus fries. Is it Jared? What kind of punk hates on Jared? Y’know, I think they’re just snobs who should get over themselves.

The essential failing of food snobs is it’s never enough to enjoy what one’s eating. Oh, no no NO, everything must be washed through some arbitrary set of judgements. It can’t be good, it’s corporate/processed/not the way it’s done in Brooklyn/SoCal/Paris/Tuscany/Memphis, and if you can’t see that, well… (right there they shrug their shoulders, probably sneer a little). I just like good food, that’s all.

Suck my dick. How’s that taste?

You people are not the bearers of Unvarnished Truth. What hipsters are to skinny jeans and obscure tees, you are to food. Cool, whatever, everyone has hobbies someone else thinks are stupid. I have to explain nerdcore every time I mention it. Just one example.

There’s a clutch of these motherfuckers on Portland Yelp and my patience is really getting strained. Yes, I like to eat at Taco Bell. No, I’m not going to take any more of your fucking scorn. You can think you’re better than me all day long. Just keep it out of my face. Fair?