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Action heros (including myself)

January 30th, 2008 1 comment

Rambo was awesome.


Yes, he’s old. Yes, he’s a grotesque steroid freak. But the carnage is profoundly grisly.


Yesterday (Tuesday) night at work I was sent over to a restaurant in one of the buildings because their water was doing something freaky. I went into the room with their hot water heater, which had a metal grating a few feet above the floor. I was looking at the heater and stepped into an open part of the grating to get a better look, but there was no floor there. What looked like the floor was an access hatch from below. An access hatch that dropped out from under me when I stepped onto it.


Fortunately quick reflexes and tree trunk leg muscles saved the day. I’d always wondered what would happen in such an event. Good to know I pack the gear to survive. :-)

I’m gonna hafta bite the bullet with another round of dental work. I’ve got a molar on the right side of my mouth that really hurts. So probably another root canal and another crown. It might delay my move, I dunno. I’m waiting to see what the bang on my new unimproved credit card balance is. But I’d have to do it eventually, so I might as well get it out of the way. And hope nothing else starts to hurt.




Day Off

January 21st, 2008 No comments

Last night was pretty fun. This morning, not so much. If I’m going to live within walking distance of my regular bars, I need to learn to heed that little voice that says: Maybe you should eat something, NOW!

But I’m mostly better. Tho it’s nap time. Again.


Protected: Things in fiction that annoy me, #1

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Bit of a rough day

January 17th, 2008 1 comment

Had to get up early for yet another dentist appointment.

Got out of the house late, had to try to rush to the bus stop without falling on any ice.

FORGOT MY FUCKING iPOD. Had to listen to stupid chatty people.

Dentist appointment, drill, drill, drill, fill, fill, fill, bite down on this wad of what feels like used bubble gum. Come back in two weeks for your permanent crowns.

The tooth that’s hurting now, it needs a specialist.

Put $936 on MasterCard. (oops)

Gums hurt. Debate blowing off work.

Stay at work. Deal with crazy boss and annoying tenants.

Spend an hour fucking with a tampon machine.

Eat some underwhelming mac n cheese (shoulda had the pad thai again)

Some dumbass puts toilet paper down a urinal.

Have a few drinks, don’t run into anyone I know (booo!)

Buy a spare set of headphones so I can listen to my iBook when I forget my iPod.

Redeeming qualities of today:
The near-grand on The Card doesn’t necessarily set back my move out date. The finances charges on that will be about $15/mo. I really don’t know how they calculate my minimum payment. I might want to put a paycheck into the credit card after I get the money saved before I actually jump. Everything depends on the size of my refund. And hopefully I had enough dental expenses last year to get some tax deductions.

Tomorrow is payday and W2 day. That’s one down, two to go (the thought of having a single W2 is yay). Also the beginning of saving move in money.

I get Monday off as a paid holiday! As the new guy I figured to work every hoiiday except the big 6.

Made a stride in figuring out how to manage the hairstyle Shannon gave me.

The t-shirt I just bought came in today. Yay!!!!

In other news:
Man, my Flickr is sadly neglected. I need to take more pictures.



January 11th, 2008 No comments

I’m strongly leaning toward not paying off my credit card before I move.

CNN has a pretty good debt reduction calculator.

To pay off my card at the $1200 a month I’ve been sending Citibank will take three months. If I disregard the dental work I’ve had done and will have done (which was my plan) that still puts me at two months. And it’ll take me three more months to save up my anticipated move in costs and a good cushion of money. Which puts me into moving sometime in June.

If I cut back to about $200 a month, it’ll take me a less than a year and a half to pay off the card and cost less than $300 in interest. And I’ll be ready to start apartment hunting in earnest at the end of March.

It’ll cost me about $40 a week spending money, which was really the reason I wanted to wait. But I’ll still have plenty of cash, especially if I find a roommate.

I’m not 100% sure about this, I’d say I’m 80%. It depends on what my tax refund will look like. But for the time being I’m switching to putting most of my money in my savings account. If I change my mind it’s a few clicks of a mouse to send it to the credit card folks.

In other news, a day or two ago I was helping some guys haul glass doors out of a vacant space and one of them exploded in my hands. The people who make safety glass really know what they’re doing. I was holding the thing in the air when it collapsed under its own weight and my worst cut is a scratch less than an inch long. I wish I had a ruler here, but really, it’s a small cut. I counted 17 cuts altogether but most of them didn’t even bleed. Ahh, the excitement of engineer buildings.


It beeps!

January 6th, 2008 No comments

Five Minutes of Free Pornography

I gave up on trying to keep up with the various genres of electronica and came up with my own. This falls under “scratchy/samply”, verging on “beeps hard”. I dig it.


The Two

January 2nd, 2008 No comments

My brand new cycling pants are not even marginally water resistant. That blows. I’m pretty sure I’m going to try my Target polyester work pants tomorrow. No joke. I’m also heavily leaning toward the theory that cycling gear is one big screw.

New Year’s Eve was, good I’d have to say. Unlike last year there was no smooching but I met some cool people. The folks I was hoping would call me didn’t. Which was disappointing but not surprising. Fortunately, near strangers came to the rescue. On the balance, a good night. And I didn’t spend nearly as much money as I’d been ready to. W007!

Oh, the bike. Rode to AND fro work today. That’s probably 18 miles round trip. I didn’t make it to the gym, tho, because once I had my base layers and rain gear (except the pants, they’re not waterproof) on the thought of taking it off at the gym then putting it on AGAIN was just too much to take. So I put a reminder on my phone to walk to the gym (good warm up!) in my uniform, then return to the building to put on cycling shite and ride home. Maybe ride home, depends on how much energy I have after the gym.

Speaking of the gym, it looks pretty set that I have a workout partner again. Le yay!!! He just has to not be appalled by the condition of the place. It is a dump. If I weren’t paying only $14/mo I’d totally switch. But they’ve suckered me in with the super cheap membership. Bastards!!!!!

Check this out, yo.

Rob Sonic – Rock The Convoy
Rob Sonic – Brand New Vandals

Super kick ass stuff with an old school flavor (IndieFeed referred to it as a “boom bap” sound). I dig it. Seriously. In fact, I’m going to listen to RTC yet again right *click* now.