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Did I just do that?

November 30th, 2007 1 comment

* I bought a Toby fucking Keith song on iTMS. It’s called High Maintenance Woman (don’t want no maintenance man). Check it out. I work with a guy who looks almost exactly like that guy, except more hair and no glasses.

* I scared the shit out of my mom shouting in horror when the Mythbusters fired a length of chain from a cannon at a pig carcass. It was gruesome, and awesome.

* Seriously considering getting up at 6am (again) to ride downtown and hit the gym before work, so I can have more time to write after work.

* Finished the latest draft of my manuscript. Anyone wanna read? Pweeez?


Who the eff is MC Frontalot?

November 24th, 2007 No comments

Last night the Front rocked the Hawthorne Theater.

Advice, Hawthorne Theater people. When it’s 30 degrees outside, and you’ve got a show that bills itself as appropriate to nerds, turn on the fucking heat. A crowd full of teenyboppers or moshers may generate surplus thermal activity, the nerds? Not so much. Also, you really need more than two toilets, especially when you’ve got such spacious restrooms.

I fully expected Frontalot to kick ass, and of course he did. It was only an hour and a half or so, and he (seriously) rolls a D20 to decide what songs to play so we didn’t get to hear everything. I was disappointed to not hear Mountain Kind, but he played Front the Most, Indier Than Thou and Braggadocio, and I just realized that I’d have loved to hear Speed Queen and I Heart Fags.

His opening acts, neither of which I’d heard of, were surprisingly good. Schaeffer the Darklord (dig the resulting acronym) was funny enough to thoroughly amuse the bar staff. And the local opening act Sexypants was the surprise hit. Furthermore, in their t-shirts and short shorts they had to have been freezing but they soldiered on.

I picked up Front’s new CD, purchased from the Nerd his own self (okay, he couldn’t afford to hire people to work the merch table). I wish I’d had more money to gets some STD and Sexy Pants. But that’s what CD Baby is for, right?

And can someone explain to me encores? Is there anyone too dim to know that until the house lights come on, the show isn’t over?


Okay, okay.

November 19th, 2007 No comments

I didn’t die. I passed the test, but not only did everyone pass, the instructor already had the certificates printed up.


I think I’m mostly gonna stick to the beginner classes. There were a number of moves I was pretty rusty on. I gather the intermediate classes have a lot of groundfighting and while those are valuable skills I think the punching and evading is potentially more useful. I should get into the sparring classes but the gear for that is $200 and I’ve got to put all available resources into getting out of mom’s house.

Speaking of which, this Friday is payday. We had a scare that we’d go from paydays every other week to twice a month, but that’s just the corporate office. Sucks for them, but whew for us. Anyhoo, this paycheck should have my insurance deductions on it. It’ll be good to see exactly what the bite is for that so I can do some financial planning. I may wait until the next open enrollment period to sign up for the 401k. Might not, I dunno. I don’t think I’ll dive into the much needed dental work yet. See above for reasoning.

New hairstyle seems to be working. Which means that people (mostly women, w007!) have noticed I’ve actually done something with my hair. Thanks, Shannon!


Plz to not b daing 2moro!!!

November 13th, 2007 No comments

That would be the caption for my loldoom.

Tomorrow is my test to advance to level 2 (of 5) in krav maga.

It’s five hours long.

Five hours.

One hour leaves me absolutely dripping with sweat.

I’m considering trying to get some meth. Just in case.

So if I don’t update in a few months, it’s because my heart exploded, so before I go, I just want to say, you all suck, and I hate you.



Cutting stuff!

November 6th, 2007 No comments

FINALLY got some rechargeable 9 volts for my food scale. Which means dieting can begin in earnest. My goal is 200lbs, this morning I was 212.5. I’ve been holding steady since I fell off the diet a few weeks ago, and I can see a difference (and so have other people, woot!), although my waistline measurement hasn’t gone down really. The tape says 40 inches, but when I tried on a 40 inch waist pair of shorts a few months ago they didn’t even come close to fitting. So I’m not going to worry about that. Once I hit 200lbs I start weight training in earnest.

Anyone know a trainer that’s willing to take money for advice without expecting to actually supervise and direct workouts?

And it’s “election day”, which in Oregon only means that the fucking commercials stop, since we vote by mail”. I hope 49 passes.