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Going to bed early

June 24th, 2007 No comments

Not quite this early, tho. I still need to get my shite together for tomorrow. That was a big problem when I did the internship, I didn’t set everything up the night before so I was running around looking for stuff before leaving. Since they weren’t paying me, they really didn’t care. This real job likely will.

On a related note, I, too was canned at the part time job. The guy said I didn’t seem to have an attitude where I wanted to work. I could produce stacks upon stacks of testimony to the contrary, but I think the new chef, or whatever the hell he is, wanted to get rid of everyone who worked for the old chef.

But I’m fine with that. I’d like to get a barback gig (no more dishwashing for me) to speed up the escaping Lents situation, but if I don’t that’s okay.

Did I mention I have to ride nine miles tomorrow, starting at 5am? Not looking forward to that. Everyone I mentioned this to seemed to think it was a horrible fate. Except HR Chick. She just said: “It’s a straight shot up Halsey and I’m pretty sure there’s a bike path most of the way.” I did decide against driving, pretty much ever. So this is the price I pay for that: riding the bike. Woe, indeed. After work I get to ride thirteen miles downtown. And then work out. It’s a rich, full life I lead.

Tonight was Gloom’s birthday. He’s a not very well aged 32. Fuck you, Gloom. :-D


End of an era…

June 22nd, 2007 No comments

I could be more dramatic than that, but I won’t be.

Today was the last weekday I get to sleep in for in a (hopefully) long, long time.

Orientation was okay. It was long. A lot of corporate propaganda on video. The HR chick was funny, tho, and to be honest, very easy on the eyes. Which never hurts. The last thing we did was get some practice on filling out a time adjustment sheet so we could get paid for orientation. I was hoping they’d do that. Orientations are kind of a gray area, b/c you’re not really working, but it’s still mandatory. But I think Wage & Hour would frown on unpaid orientations that are longer than an hour or two. This was five hours, so we got paid.

Then a quick tour of the store and I was trying to ride to where I’ll be training. It wasn’t bad. My store is not quite halfway between mom’s house and the training store. I reset the odometer for the ride back and it’s 9.13 miles, which is pretty close to what ByCycle said it would be. But having to do it at 5am? Will be poopy.

I totally forgot how early the shift was. That’s gonna sorta kinda suck, but I’ll get used to it. I figure if I take a nap after work I can get by on less sleep at night. And lots of Zipfizz. Oh yes. Moving downtown will really help, too. I was crunching more numbers last night and I should really, really stop doing that until I get a real paycheck in my hand so I can figure out how much my net pay will be. But it looks like I’ll be stuck here until February, depending on how little spending money I can get by on.

I really need to figure out my schedule, particularly when I’ll be writing. Because I need to start writing.

It looks like they canned the bar manager at part-time. That will likely fubar my switch to barbacking for the douche nights, but I’m thinking of jumping ship anyway. I need to talk to this corporate guy the owner brought in, apparently he said in a mandatory meeting no one told me about that if any of us want to transfer to the other restaurant the owner is opening, we should talk to him. I think I’m gonna do that.

I’ve also been successful getting into the gym. I didn’t yesterday but I did ride an extra 18 miles. I was fscking starving and exhausted when I got home. Today, the gym. Fo sho.


I’m SOOO high

June 21st, 2007 No comments

Stupid allergy meds.

Sure, there’s Claritin, but do you know why it doens’t make you high? Because it doesn’t fucking DO anything.

I need some solid food before heading to orientation.


June 20th, 2007 No comments

My last day of underemployment. Orientation tomorrow, start training Monday. I told my boss I can make it to the store he wants me to train at (and I can) but not at the time he wants me there, it turns out. I forgot the shift starts at 6am.

So I get to wake up and make a 9 mile bike ride.


What the hell are they going to do for four freaking hours? It’s casual dress, feel free to bring refreshments, must bring your 2 pieces of ID. Four freaking hours. I don’t even know how many people there will be. It’s retail so I presume turnover is high so maybe a lot?

My allergies are sodomizing me right now. I’ve taken 2 doses of antihistamine and a nasal decongestant and no effect. I feel like poo.

I got some maintenance done on my bike. Is awesome. It no longer makes noises that had been happening so long I forgot the bike wasn’t supposed to make, well, any noise really.



June 18th, 2007 1 comment

And it’s at the original place, the one I found through the PCC Job Fair.

Last Thursday the supervisor called me and said they went with another guy because he had more hands on experience, but he didn’t like all the computer usage (apparently most of the training is on a PC) and quit. So did I want the job.

HELL yeah.

Then he made me an offer that literally broke my mind. Several dollars an hour over my minimum. The next day I went for my pee test and the HR lady said hopefully they’ll be able to get everything moving by this coming Friday.

TODAY I got a call asking if I can make it to orientation on Thursday.

HELL yeah.

There ARE things about this place that I’m wary about. The level of corporate propaganda approaches cult level. The orientation, for instance, is four hours long. It’s not in my desired industry, which was hotels, this is a retail job. But it seems to be within my level of training. As the work goes it’s not ideal like that hotel job that tried to fuck me. THAT was perfect for work. But this will still be good entry level experience. And the money, well.

It equals what I was making at the shithole, in fact it’s a little bit more. Which I totally didn’t expect to get for at least years. This means that since I won’t be overspending on rent (hopefully) I should have a shit-ton of spending money.

To somewhat counterbalance things, the bar seems to be going down the crapper. Personally I think the owner is trying to sell it, but I’m not sure. If that goes to shit it’ll delay my move out by about a month. Maybe a bit more, because it would leave my weekends unoccupied so I’d be spending money.





All fuckered uppered

June 9th, 2007 No comments

1. I’m kind of drunk
2. I just bought the following 3 songs off iTunes Music Store
a: Against All Odds by Phil Collins
b: Umbrella by Rihanna
c: Wait and Bleed by Slipknot

I guess you could say I’m a man of many parts. Or just one fucked up dude.


Protected: Well, fuck

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Employment, and weird stuff

June 3rd, 2007 No comments

I got offered a job today. I’ve been talking about it all day, so I’m going to shut up about it until I actually get the paperwork done. It’s looking pretty good, but it’s not 100%. This will precipitate a shift from dishwashing to bussing/barbacking at SoLo, which will be god.

In WTF news I was reading the new Willy Week while waiting for the bus downtown and I hear:

“Can I rob you?”

I turn around (according to krav maga I should have taken position to throw a hammer fist, but I thought that might be unnecessarily escalatory) and see three black dudes in upscale casual dress, not really appropriate for mugging. One of them is the one that just asked that question. Probably not coincidentally, he was the biggest of the three.

“I’d rather you didn’t.” I reply.

“Okay, I won’t, then.” he and his buddies walk off.