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The white doom that befell Portland!!!

January 18th, 2007 No comments

So it snowed! BFD. You’d think it never snows here. No, kids and kidettes, it snows almost every year.

While the world went to hell in a snowbasket, encouraged by our ever vigilant, constantly useless TV news jack offs I rode my bike all the way from Lents to downtown, which is around eight miles. Both today and yesterday. I are hardcore bicycler. Or, I are hardcore stupid. I strapped on my neoprene booties, wriggled into my high tech long johns, popped on my Snakes Eyes hood and pedalled slowly and carefully over the packed snow and occasional piles of slush. I am pleased as punch to report no wipe outs. Go me.

I went into my bike place today to replace the booties (tore the strap that goes under my shoes) and pick up some of these neato ear flap cover thingies that go onto my helmet and while I was at it had bikemeister check out my brakes, because I was having trouble maintaining my preferred speed of slow while going down slippery hills.

“Yeah, your brakes are shot.”

Well, that explains it.

So my bike is now in tip top shape for day three of the white doom. Provided everything doesn’t ice over. I’m not that freaking crazy. Unless I find some old tires and a shite load of sheet metal screws to make some studded bike tires.

AND I went to the gym and didn’t drink afterwards. I are teh rock, I tell ya. That and Thursday and Sunday are my drinking nights.

School was cancelled yesterday and today. Which kinda sucks because my Wednesday night class is an OSHA certification that gives me a card saying I’m a safe dude (don’t tell them about cycling in the snow) but it requires 30 hours of class time. There are 11 weeks of the class and I just lost my cushion. Grrrr. Thus far looks like school will be running tomorrow, which is my day to go way the fuck out to Rock Creek campus.

Oh. Yay.


Kid hate

January 13th, 2007 No comments

When did all these fucking parents move into the Pearl? Stupid kids. Hie thee to a fucking suburb, post haste.


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January 9th, 2007 No comments

First day of school was fine.

Got up way later than I intended. Not hung over, despite someone’s efforts (you fail, ha ha!). Didn’t make it to the gym. Only did a few things on my To Do list.

I didn’t sleep well Sunday night. My stomach was upset from an emergency application of too much Panda Express food, and I still get coughy at night. So when I finally got out of bed Monday I was in slow motion.

Doing better today. Gonna make it to the gym (if I get my ass in gear), gonna cross a few things off my To Do list. Which reminds me when did the Sam Goody downtown close? I was | | this close to crossing the wraparound earbuds off my to do list and I was thwarted. Bastards.

Alright, i’m moving.

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Why alt.rap beats the shit out of mainstream (c)rap

January 7th, 2007 No comments

I woke up the next mornin’ all tangled up in her hair
And that’s when I realized she had me right where she wanted me
She told me I’d taken her places she’d never been before but really
She took me to a place I promised myself I’d never return to
And I was fucked up
And the thing was I didn’t feel bad about what I’d done
I just felt stupid for trying to fight it for so long
I mean really who was I foolin’
I knew what time it was soon as I saw her
Soon as she smiled at a nigga I could tell what her favorite position was
And I damn sure gave it to her
I thought I had changed
Niggaz never change
But it took that one night
That one pass in the night for me to realize what I needed to do
I gotta stop fuckin’ with these hoez offa MySpace, dog

DJ Shadow “Backstage Girl” (Phonte Coleman rapping)


I wonder…

January 1st, 2007 No comments

… how many pizzas are delivered to exhausted service industry workers answering the door in their PJs at 6pm on New Year’s Day?

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Yuppie douchebags…

January 1st, 2007 No comments

… please die. Thanks.

I ended up working the door once we stopped letting people in.

You’ll recall, I’m the dishwasher.

I worked 13 hours today.

Is poopy.

Now I sleep all day.