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December 29th, 2006 No comments

Someone must have rubbed stupid pheromones on me today because I’ve run into a parade of idiots today.

I won’t assault you with details.

Please work, don’t suck today. I don’t think I can handle it.


… told you I’m in charge of this family.

December 26th, 2006 No comments

Being sick is the poopiness. Cough, sniffles, bleagh.

Christmas wasn’t so bad. Dad was in town, picked me up on C-mas Eve to visit various family members. My aged aunt (Dad’s twin) loves Rockstar. I almost died from shock. Her husband doesn’t like Jager, smells like cough syrup (duh!). They work in a tavern in Oregon Shitty (I just found out through Wikipedia there’s an Oregon City, California. That makes no sense.It’s not like Cali was ever part of the Oregon Territory).

I love my uncle’s peanut brittle. *crunch*

Christmas did the usual breakfast with dad at my stepsister’s house. I don’t think there’s a single thing her two kids own that doesn’t have a microchip and a speaker. Oh, the beeping!

Then with mom, sister, aunt & uncle (mom’s siblings, not a couple) at a local restaurant. Then to Gloom’s for ham and the watching of Talladega Nights.

What the fuck drugs were they one when they wrote that? I know you can’t apply much logic to screwball comedies but there were scenes that just dragged on and plot twists that came out of left field. And it wasn’t that funny.

Except for Walker and Texas Ranger. Ho-lee sheeit.
“I may only be ten years old but I’ll beat your ass!”
“I’m all jacked up on Mountain Dew!”

“I love hospitals, let’s go find some drugs!”
“Yeah, I want some Vicodin”!

Michael Clarke Duncan reading Judy Blume? Anything Gary Cole said? Sheer awesome.

The rest of it? There’s this new thing called editing, please look into it, Mr. Ferrell. There’s a great 90 minute movie hiding in that 121 minute bewilderment you made.

I got another base layer shirt, which is awesome. And some movies (only 50% returns there) and a Carhartt stocking cap, so I can be all thug life, bitchez.

And a bell for my bike. *ring ring*

I gave my mom a fleece jacket, my sister nothing (yet) and my dad an IOU on another trip to this gallery that sells a ton of Oregon landscape photographs.

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Finals Week is my bitch

December 17th, 2006 No comments

Three of my four grades are posted. All A’s.


I’m not so much looking forward to next term. I have the Intermediate of a class I hated the Introduction to of. And another class I’m 99.5% sure I’ll never use and, um, something else, what the fuck is that? Oh, yeah two online classes I’m TOTALLY not excited about, and one more that is going to be a bitch of a commute.

At night.

We had a power outage at work tonight. Fun. Yeah. No. But it was a nice hour/ hour and a half break in the night. Walking around with my pocket flashlight looking for patches of darkness to put candles in and looking busy. After the power came back tho it was busy busy busy because we stayed open for business and he had two parties with buffets so they had food to eat and thus dishes to dirty. At one point I took my coat off so I could ring the water out. Fo reelz, yo.

Now, to sleep. Zzzzzz.


Ay yi yi

December 11th, 2006 No comments

Work was a fucking nightmare this weekend. It was typically busy in the bar, but we only had one bartender because we needed two upstairs for a birthday party. We need to fence off Lake Oswego to keep the nouveau riche inside. Seriously. It was some Lake No chick’s birthday and her stupid yuppie friends trashed upstairs. The pool table will probably need to be refelted, numerous broken bottles had to be cleaned up from the patio and they were probably shitty tippers.

The funnier part was me and Chef were outside smoking and bitching about the customers and some bitch in a fur coat came storming down the steps from the other bar in our building with two of her friends begging her not to leave because the police had been called. Of course people who wear fur coats don’t have to listen to the peons who don’t, so she stormed off. Later I ran into an employee of that bar and apparently Miss Fur Coat slapped some other chick at (get this) a fundraiser for a children’s hospital. Love it.

So it was douchebags all around. I hate rich people.

Anyhoo I got pulled out of the kitchen to barback, so I made some extra money there. Our new GM and Chef asked me on Friday if I’d be willing to bus and run and barback occasionally but I didn’t get the sense they meant the next day.

It’s Finals week. I got my wiring final (written and practical) tomorrow. Should be easy. I already have the list of projects to choose from and it’s pretty easy. Just gotta take my time. Wednesday is Controls (open book, just need to make sure I did all the homework pages so I have the answers highlighted), Thursday is Psych (100 t/f questions, WTF?) and Chillers (also open book, but the questions are all taken from the homework and quizzes, so that’s all I hafta study).

Then I get three weeks off. Oh yeah. Then I get a fresh financial aid disbursal. Oh yeah.

Shit. I need to get out of bed.

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Friday Five

December 8th, 2006 1 comment

The last few weeks have sucked, so I skipped them.

In what way is today better than yesterday?
I’m done with my fucking psychology class. Yay.

In what way is this year better than last year?
I’m closer to being done with school, ooh, and I have a much better, um, workplace. Not job, same shitty job, but much better place to work.

In what way are you better than you were six months ago?
Um. I know basic electrical wiring.

Besides technology (because that’s so easy), what’s better about the world today than the world you grew up in?
Ha. Funny, you.

In what way will you make (or have you made) someone else’s day better, today?
Good question.

Go to the site.


Reading vs. writing

December 4th, 2006 No comments

I’ve decided that I have to put my writing projects on hold temporarily. I’ve got the screenplay and the manuscript, both have second drafts completed and probably still need a little tinkering. I’m waiting on feedback from them. I’ve also got another screenplay and another manuscript that I’ve begun first drafts on, but they’re going to sit for a wee bit. which is fine, the stories are a little undercooked anyway.


I need feedback on my completed projects. Which means that I need to give feedback on other people’s stuff. Gotta give to get, right?

So, if any of you are working on something, send it my way. I’ve got stuff to read from two of the people in my screenplay writer’s group, but I have time for your projects, honest.

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December 3rd, 2006 No comments

Weird night at work. Staff in a weird mood, weird customers, a weird party and all of a sudden I’m doing stuff and someone calls my name. I turn and it’s one of the shitholers, someone I hadn’t seen since the day before I’d been fired.

The Shithole was having its Christmas party at a nearby events joint and someone randomly decided to have drinks at my place of employment afterwards. It was cool seeing them again, but really it was awkward. I have almost nothing in common with them any more and the people I’ve kept in touch with were spread out among the group. I haven’t talked with any of them since I got hired at my place.

There was one chick there who quit before I got fired and ended up coming back since then. DAMN I forgot how hot she was.