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October 30th, 2006 No comments

I lifted weights today. A very light workout, since my right shoulder still isn’t totally healed from my wipe out a few months ago.

The last date in the notepad I used to track my workouts was April 26th.


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On Screen

October 30th, 2006 No comments

I finally caught up on my Tivos of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Sorkin’s still got it, baby.



October 28th, 2006 No comments

We’re supposed to wear costumes at work tonight, so that removes a potential hassle of how to get my costume downtown. Now I just wear it downtown.

And they’re trimming staff, so the cook who’d been closing and always wanted me to stay late got laid off. The guy I’m working with tonight was in the past encouraging me to not let that other dude keep me too late. So I might get off before midnight-30 tonight, which would be good.

NRK is having a party at SoLo, they’re expecting 300 people but not much food. The GM already talked to me about functioning as bar bitch (the dishwashing workload is teeny tiny at this place) so I’ll get to roam with my camera and cool costume around women drinking too much.




October 27th, 2006 1 comment

I realized a few days ago that SoLo will end my attendance at the monthly shitholer get togethers. That kind of sucks.

Still, once you get used to not being out Fri/Sat nights, the intense stupidity of the amateur crowds is hard to take. I an old hang out last weekend after work and it sucked. Like being in a zombie movie, except everyone’s dumb instead of undead. *shudder*

Friday Five
1. What is one thing you always have with you?

2. What are two things on your night-table (or next to your bed)?
Alarm clock, laptop (I don’t have a stereo in my room)

3. What are three things you learned in the last seven days?
How to wire a GFI to protect or not protect downstream devices. The importance of grounding oneself when handling electronic control components. How pre-rotation vanes can be used to throttle capacity in a centrifugal chiller.

4. What are four things parents always have to tell you?
Pfft. Parents.

5. What are five things you paid for in the last month?
New Docs, cycling shades, Hot Lips pizza, Mom’s birthday dinner, postage to Freya, Rocked and Manazon


October 24th, 2006 No comments

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Note: Get half soaked riding to the bus this morning (note to self, look outside before leaving), miss my connection to school (downtown is TORN THE FUCK UP) so make it to Shite 101 with only a few minutes to spare.

Odd. The class is empty. Odder, the tables are pushed to the wall and odderer there’s an infanty CPR class going on. WTF? Get out Shite 101 syllabus and PCC is having an inservice day.


No Shite 101 today! YAY!

I get to do the Halloween shopping I forgot yesterday before wiring class tonight.

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Friday Five

October 21st, 2006 No comments

Maybe it’s cliche, so what?

How many times do you hit the snooze button on a typical morning?
Uh, enough for about a half hour so three times.

How many cousins do you have?

How many bones have you broken?
Zero. I was an exceptionally boring little kid.

How many pairs of shoes do you own?
gym shoes, interview shoes, non-slip work shoes, sneakers, so four. I need a new pair of boots, tho.

How many things that belong in the kitchen are in your bedroom?
I have a few glasses up there that should come down.


October 21st, 2006 No comments

Last summer I was seeing a chick who was a waitress. She told me about having a Friday night off and going out with a friend. She had a terrible time becaue it was, in her words ”amateur hour”. At the time I understood in theory, but now I’ve seen first hand.

It’s about 1:30am and I got off work about 45 min ago. The bars are starting to shut down and the streets are full of IDIOTS, drunken slack jawed fools.

And Oregon is a liquor control state, meaning bars are heavily regulated and inspectors have wide latitude to cite both servers and establishments.

I can’t imagine what its like in other states, or places like Vegas or the once and future New Orleans.


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October 20th, 2006 No comments

Halloween is a Tuesday this year, so most of the stuff is going to be the weekend before, right?



I’m spoda generally get off at midnight, but last Saturday dude didn’t let me go until midnight-30.

I suppose it would seem sketchy if I called in sick that Friday, huh?



October 19th, 2006 No comments

The quiz that we were given an hour for in Intro to Chillers tonight, I finished in 3 minutes. It was open book but I only had to check 2 of 30 questions.

But most of the people in the class have it done now, about 10 minutes in.

Back to work tomorrow. Should be busier, last Friday (the day I was hired, but the day before I started) was apparently busy.

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October 17th, 2006 No comments

Like many people. I have food issues.

But only on Tuesday and Thursday. It’s really a scheduling problem.

I get up 7:30-ish for a class that runs from 11am-1pm. I have another class that runs 6pm-9pm. Between those two classes I like to hit the gym, which takes hour and a half or so. And then there’s commuting (home to Sylvania, Sylvania to downtown, downtown to Cascade, then Cascade to home.)

So when the fuck do I eat?

Breakfast before leaving at about 8am, that’s a given. But do I eat after shite 101 at Sylvania at 1pm or downtown after the gym at about 3pm or before Wiring or Chillers at 5pm or so? I’ll need to eat again at night, when I get home about 10pm? This all really sucked when I was working days at Elmer’s because I had to get up at 4am or 5am to get ready for work.

I guess I need snacks.

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