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Bike love

April 28th, 2006 No comments

There is a certain speed on a bike in a certain wind when your collar (if you’re wearing a shirt with one) will flap rapidly and noisily.

I love hearing that.



April 18th, 2006 No comments

The script I’ve been working on since last term (which was based on an idea that I’d been working on with some friends for a while) finally has a complete first draft.

Check it out.

I’ve proofread it but I keep finding errors. Be kind.



April 16th, 2006 No comments

Today is the first day in two weeks that between work and school I’ve had a day off.

And I’m sick.

Very funny, God. Very funny.

One good thing, kitchen dude asked me to work next Sunday also (waaaaah!) and for some reason I got the sense that someone had asked for the day off. Well, yesterday that dude asked if he could have my Friday shift for his Sunday, which I jumped on. That will give me a day off anyway. And it’ll put me out on the town on Thursday night. Which will be interesting.



April 12th, 2006 No comments

It’s very hard not to start this post by not whining about working and going to school.

I think I just did.

My night class today is cancelled and there are no day classes tomorrow. So I’m going to get stuff done. I’m getting a haircut, I need a new coat (my old one’s leaking around the shoulders, I’m going to take my bike into the shop yet again. Blah blah blah.

Last week in Physics we were doing kind of a practice lab, measuring things, converting values, etc. The last thing we did was play with a motion sensor. I had way too much fun with that. Me = nerd.

I’ve been working on the script rather a lot. When I’m not doing homework. Homework sucks.



April 3rd, 2006 No comments

Spring break is over. Time to load up my bag with school shit again.



Opportunity knocks again

April 1st, 2006 No comments

I’m going to be doing food prep from now on Saturdays. This is unquestionably a step up. The promotion I turned down a few weeks ago was to line cook, which would have been a rather large leap forward from dishwasher. But it’s also a stressful, complicated job where the clock is always ticking.

Prep? Rather less demanding. I had been thinking of telling kitchen dude to talk to me if any prep positions opened up before he asked me about the line. So this is cool. AND one of the prep cooks is being shifted toward the line, so….

Summer vacation is a few months away, we’ll see what happens between now and then.


Back to reality

April 1st, 2006 No comments

My first Spring Break since I returned to school is over. The Girls Gone Wild posse did not show up at my house. Frankly, I’m disappointed.

Oh, and I have to work next Sunday, which means my first two weeks back at school will be accomplished with work and school every day! Boo!