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Wasp Nest

March 30th, 2006 No comments

Spring Break! Wooooo!!!!!!

March 28th, 2006 No comments

Bought a live Ministry EP the other day. In Case You Didn’t Feel Like Showing Up. I had the cassette a long time ago, but not it’s on my iPod. This is the only Ministry I’ve ever owned, but the live versions of these 6 songs are far superior to the album versions I’ve heard.

My taxes are ready. Yay! I hope it’s good. *crosses fingers* I didn’t make much money last year and I had actual deductions for school expenses, so….

It’s spring break (wooo!) but I still have work and I need to save money for tuition, and I’ll still have to borrow money from my parents. So not much going on there. Except that I don’t have to go to night classes. I was really starting to drag last term once I started working and I thought for a bit that we’d get more than one week off. I’m looking forward to summer, except that I think I’m going to take classes then, too.

I’m bummed that my script writing class is over. But some of us are starting a writer’s group. Just four so far, but hopefully more will show up after spring break. Speaking of which, the instructor is a playwright and had a play starting at a local theater and a chunk of us went. I don’t think I had ever seen a play before. Not even in school. It seemed pretty good, but I suspect that I didn’t get something. I’m thinking of going back for another showing.


Oh, crud

March 17th, 2006 No comments

I turned down a promotion today.

About the first time ever my work has been appreciated and recognized, and I hafta say no to a promotion.

Kitchen dude asked me if I wanted to cook. Well, no, not really. But I didn’t actually say no until he told me the shift would be Friday, Saturday & Sunday days.

Yeah, with school Monday night through Thursday night?

Fuck that.

This year my birthday is during Finals Week. I, in fact, have a final on my birthday.



Tomorrow me and Bouncy are having a pub crawl with ten or so other folks. Should be cool. Might suck. We’ll see. :-)

And you’re all reading, right?




March 12th, 2006 No comments

I’m sitting in my living room with my peacoat on. Because it’s kinda cold in here.

PFC Teabag’s in town. Emergency leave. Just stuff.

Script class got fucking snowed out on Thursday. Pissed about that.

Didn’t do as badly on that test as I feared. Go me.

Not a whole lot else to report.


Episodes of quizzes

March 2nd, 2006 No comments

I am just no good at episodic writing.

Of course, I’ve only been trying it for, um, about a week, on and off.

Mostly off.

But it’s hard.

And I have a quiz (#2 of 3) in Natural Gas Equipment and, uh, I left my notes at home.

I foresee fuckedupedness.

Fuck this is a hard sentence to write. I’m supposed to be good at writing. Scripts class. We’ve been workshopping bits and pieces of peoples’ scripts. I have a list of people that I want to read their entire finished script. Fuck that’s awkward. Anyhoo, Tuesday we exhanged rough drafts with people and I got two of the people from that list super exciting. Today I got a script from a third person, also on that list, because she was absent on Tuesday and I was lingering in the class and someone else was needed to read her script. Rock.

Music: Bodeans “Good Things”



March 2nd, 2006 No comments

When I say the script has been updated, what I mean is it’s now longer.