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Winter Term 2006

November 28th, 2005 No comments

I got a look at the recommended schedule for courses of my program. It’s an Associate of Applied Science, two years right? But those two years are going all four terms.

Shit. I might need another student loan after all.

I’m hoping to get a job in the field after my first year, so I looked at the classes for the one year certificate. I’ll take those this year so I’ll have ’em, right? No. They conflict with the two classes that are the second part of three classes. Or they’re not offered this term.


Just registered on the web.

Refrigeraton II
Refrigeration Electrical II
Pneumatic Controls
Natural Gas Equipment.
Computers in Business.
Psych 101. (Required, for a building engineer program WTF?),
Advanced Creative Writing: Scripts, 4 credits. Tuesday/Thursday class. Hey, I WANT to take this one. Plus I have to demonstrate writing competency within 5 years of getting my degree and I’ve taken WR 123 (which is a fucking essay class) and the two Creative Writing Fiction classes and I don’t want to take the poetry class. So, yeah. Scripts. Eat me.

Back to business.

19 credits. 7 classes. $1389.75 tuition and fees.

I need a fucking JOB!

I have a feeling I’ll end up dropping some of this before the term starts. I hafta take Refer and Electric, and Computers and Psych are required. I was gonna take Computers Tuesday/Thursday but it conflicts on time with the Scriptwriting class, which I really wanna take. I’ll have one more night class, with night classes Monday-Thursday.

Term starts Jan 9th. I’ve got time.

Gray’s Anatomy has a writer’s blog!!!! *bounce*


Finally, Halloween costume

November 26th, 2005 No comments

Thanksgiving, school and stuff

November 25th, 2005 No comments

Good news, Alias, which has been shit for about three years (since it’s been on for five (fuck, was that five years ago?)) is being cancelled.

It’s a mercy killing, really.

Didn’t they bring on a long lost sister or something? *shudder*

Bad news, Pat “Mr. Miyagi” Morita is dead.

Thanksgiving (not Turkey Day) went off with one hitch. Mom was tasked with making a sweet potato dish (although neither of us eat sweet potatos) and five or six swipes on a mandolin (an old, piece of shit mandolin with no holder for the food to prevent what was about to happen) she whacked herself. An hour and 4 stitches later, I did the slicing, with a knife, because mandolins without food holder thingies are weapons of mass destruction.

Did some school work today, prior to immediately before the due date (miracle of miracles). Research for the business plan I have to do for BA 101. Which is a bullshit assignment in a bullshit class. But it’s almost over and I’m doing fairly well in it.

In my Refrigeration class we started a project, just a simple copper tubing, uh, thing. Bending tubes, making joins, using some of the $400 worth of tools I had to buy. Next class we’re going to do some brazing. On second thought, that link might not be helpful to the uninitiated. Brazing is like welding, but not nearly as hot, nor as spectacular.

Not much else going on in my other classes. But on the way to the relative’s house yesterday for dinner we drove past the Winco distributon center and I exclaimed: “look at the size of that air conditioner!” Which was immediately followed by “Oh, no, I’m becoming one of them!”

My mom (who has worked at a grocery store for over 15 years) allowed that she had been looking at the number of doors in their loading dock to see how many trucks they could load/unload at once.

Ay yi yi.


Liberals Hate America now with WIND!

November 21st, 2005 No comments

For those of you who are raving anti-W types and not into webcomics, this is a valueable merchandise heads up. No, I don’t get commission, or kickbacks, or even warm fuzzies.

The Flabbergasted Eagle T-shirt!


This is an update of the 2004 Election Flabbergasted Eagle.

Doom says check it out.

In other news…

IT’S REALLY FUCKING WINDY OUT THERE! For those not from ’round these heer parts, the Columbia River gorge is really fucking windy. It can be scary driving next to semi trucks actually in the Gorge because they rock from side to side something terrible.

I live a number of miles outside the gorge and, well, it’s really fucking windy here. It gets worse further east.

In other other news: Dear Mr. Sun, allergy season is supposed to be over, go the fuck away! Seriously, fall was like two weeks long and now we’re into not very nice Portland wintertime. I need more rain. Plus, it’ll be warmer if it’s raining. That would seriously RAWK.


Kids, kids, kids

November 20th, 2005 No comments

Tell me again why people have kids? My cousin has a freaking devil child and even my stepsister’s fairly mild kid is annoying.

We were at my aunt and uncle’s house (my dad’s twin sister and her husband) for my paternal side’s Christmas gift name drawing and twice I had to go hide outside in the thirty freakin seven degree weather (just shy of 3ºC). I didn’t realize how cold it really was until we got back in my Dad’s new penis truck and I saw the thermometer. Definitely time to break out the fleece.

While we were getting our shit together to leave (and my aunt was scooping up some of her outfreakingstanding baked beans for me) my stepniece started jumping up and down. I just reached out and put my hand on her head to hold her down. It just seemed the logical thing to do. My stepbrother-in-law was standing next to me on one side, my stepmom was actually talking to the little girl and my stepsister. They all thought my reaction was funny.

She did stop jumping up and down, tho.

Anyhoo, my cousin’s devil child is fate striking back. He was an uncontrollable hellion when he was a kid. My aunt and uncle are loving it. In the increasingly unlikely event that I breed, I shouldn’t be that bad off.



November 19th, 2005 No comments

I’m really ambivalent about this whole job thing.

On one hand, I like not having to go to work. I have enough trouble getting my homework done as it is, tack on another 20-30 hours a week at some restaurant and it’ll be hellish. Of course, if I can make a habit out of getting up before noon, that would help.

And I’m not even sure if I can get a job. I left the Spirit under less than ideal conditions (okay, I walked off with 4 days left in my notice period) and I’m not sure what they’re saying about me. But I’m also going to school and I can’t think of too many potential employers that would pick someone going to school over someone with no schedule restrictions.

But I would really like to have a source of fresh money. I’ll be fine for this school year (I think) I have one more chunk of student loan money coming, but I hafta pay spring term’s tuition out of that, too.

I’m really hoping I’ll be able to find a maintenance job after my first year of school. I chose to study facilities maintenance pretty arbitrarily. I was looking through a three ring binder at a job counselor’s office and I saw that maintenance had a 1 year certificate, which meant I would only be down for nine months. Cool, right? But then I looked at the Employment Department’s website and it says: ” those with an associate degree have a competitive advantage in this labor market”. Well, fuck.

For one, an associate’s degree. Are you serious? An associate’s degree is considered good here? I despaired of my potential coworkers and admittedly there are no intellectual giants in any of my classes but they’re not entirely the roughneck dumbasses I expected. In fact, in my refrigeration class this past week we started actually doing hands on stuff and I completely had to revise my opinion of two guys. They’re installers now (I know an HVAC installer and it’s a shitty job, service is where the action and money’s at) and I didn’t think much of them. But they were super helpful to their classmates who didn’t have as much experience. Including me. Very cool.

Secondly, that’s two fucking years, man. I don’t want to be schlepping at mom’s house for two years!!! That’s why I really, REALLY hope I can get a job after the first year. The classes are at night for that very reason.

But (sigh)I’ll have to get my driver’s license. I really, really would rather not. I know how to drive, I mean, I’ve driven before but I fucking hated it. I’m way too distrustful of my fellow man to enjoy driving. Sure, that guy’s supposed to yield, but how do I fucking know he’s gonna? Plus, my ability to judge distances isn’t that hot.

Anyhoo, as apprehensive as I am about this project, it’s really exciting to be learning something useful. I mean, the ability to manage a filing system is useful (as anyone who’s ever lost a file can tell you) but no one fucking cares. When I’m done with this and start getting certifications I’ll be able to do stuff. Like recharge someone’s air conditioner or fridge. And once I get an electrical license (which will likely be a few years since the electrician’s union runs the state electrical board and writes the rules to make it really hard to get licenses without being in the union) I’ll be able to legally and to code wire in lighting fixtures and switches and stuff. And welding! There’s a welding class I can take. I really want to be able to weld. To me that’s like the ultimate practical skill. I can make two pieces of metal into one. Bitch! :-)

I’ve spent so much of my working life doing, just, shit. To be able to do stuff. I’m stoked.

I just hope I don’t have to wait two years to resume a life.

Now, if I could talk about Gray’s Anatomy a bit more (like I really talk about much else) can I say George is a fucking rockstar? He gets some of the greatest lines (and now he’s Burke’s guy!).

Cristina (referring to Burke): “He’s seen me naked a thousand times”
George (exiting the restroom into the coed locker room): “Bad, bad images in my head.” and he cowers and covers his head as he says it. Funny and sweet and, oh, poor George, he’s so never going to hook up with Meredith.


Gray’s Anatomy

November 16th, 2005 No comments

If you’re not watching this show, you should. It’s quite possibly the best, most moving, most tormenting, most embarrassing, just plain most show since, well, since My So Called Life.

Yes, I’m a big pussy. Fuck you.

The train wreck episode. Wow. Just, WOW.

Did you watch it?

If you didn’t, there was (this was two weeks ago and I doubt many people presently reading this are as lame as me and sitting on nearly month old TiVo’d episodes of tv shows, so, well,


Okay, just in case.

So there was a train wreck and two strangers get impaled by the same metal pole. Removing the pole means they both die, unless they take one off and work on the other one. The one they decide to kill is a young woman (her spine is severed and more of her heart has been damaged)and the middle aged guy she’s stuck with thinks it’s a raw deal. She tells him it’s a raw deal no matter who dies. He tries to do the honorable thing, he actually says “it should be me” and she with utter gentleness isn’t having a bit of it.

In the OR, before they’re put under and she’s killed, he tries to say something and she shushes him and says “I know, I know.” Now, it sounds cliche and I guess it is, but it’s so well written and so well acted. Well, it was rough to watch. And I’ve watched it a dozen or so times now.




November 13th, 2005 No comments

Whore? Me?


I’m ashamed.



November 7th, 2005 No comments

I have developed the worst eating habit.

I don’t eat.

Then I drink.

Then I eat.

Then my stomach hates me.

Fun, eh?


After yet another long absence….

November 3rd, 2005 No comments

Not my year for jobs. After a month and some change I got laid off. This wasn’t really a heartbreaker because there were serious problems there. On my very first day the kitchen manager had gotten into an argument with the owner (that day or maybe the day before) and I got to hear all about it. That was fun. Then, with less than a week under my belt I trained a new dishwasher because the owner was absent at the time she’d told the new one to show up to start her first shift.

Ay yi yi.

Disorganized. Awful.

Food was good, tho. Biscuits and gravy kind of stuff. As well as some weird ass shit. But I stuck with the biscuits. And potato pancakes, those were good, too.

So I’m looking for work again. But I’ve got my financial aid money, so it’s not a really big deal. That was kinda funny. The lender sends the money to the school and then I pick up a check for whatever’s left over after the charges. So I go to the business office of the campus and look for a form. No form. Head over to the (fortunately nearby) financial aid office to look for a form. No form. Back to the business office, step to the window and ask if there’s a form.

No form. Hand over my ID, walk out with a check for $1400.

Ack. That was a teeny bit freaky.

So, job. I’m looking for some kind of front of the house gig. Ideally a low key pizza place or deli. But I’m finding very little.



Have you been seeing Serenity, whoever you are? You better!