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May 17th, 2005 No comments

So that room in Dingo’s house isn’t the only way to the bathroom. At least, not permanently. The door from Dingo’s room to the bathroom is broken, but he can fix it. So I’m gonna be moving there probably. We’ve got preliminary details worked out. It’s the smallest room in the house so I’ll pay a smaller share of the rent and unless the bills go up a lot I won’t have to chip in. But they will so I will, but probably not a whole lot. It should be really cool. I’ll just need to get a bike.


Going boating

May 15th, 2005 No comments

The Portland Spirit is a pretty dang cool work environment. Low key, minimal bullshit. The weird part is we’re responsible for our own uniforms, most restaurants have a laundry service that washes the uniforms. But I know the president of the company and this seems like the kind of upright, Republican stuff he’d think is a good thing. Cheap, too. (freakin’ Republicans).

Got the financial aid application all finished. Monday I’ve got to call the Facilities Maintenance program advisor to talk to him about stuff. I dunno what kinda stuff but it’s something that’s recommended. So, yeah.


Workin’ agin

May 11th, 2005 No comments

Paperwork thing at the Spirit got rescheduled to tomorrow, and I have my first shift tomorrow as well, the dinner cruise ship from 3-10. If that’s typical of the shifts I can expect that will be awesome. I’d even have enough time to have a beer or two after work.

I reactivated everything at PCC. I gotta get my financial aid application in. I’m waiting on an identification thing to come from the Department of Education, that’s supposed to take a day or two. I’m probably going to have enough time to get everything through.

Right now I’m feeling sick. Started getting a sore throat last night so I started on the echniacea and the TheraFlu and apple juice. I feel better already, except a bit of medicine head. I think it’s almost time for another dose and another doze.



May 9th, 2005 No comments

Kinda forgot I had this thing.

My time at Portland City Grillhas come to a close. Thursday is my last day but for some reason my ex-manager only scheduled me to work this Friday and Saturday. So except for picking up my last paycheck on Thursday, I’m done.

Friday (or so) I start at Portland Spirit. Mostly dishwashing but also some prep and some banquet set up. The sous chef told me it would likely be full time during the summer (bye bye unemployment insurance, but all that really means is I don’t have to look for an admin job I don’t want) and I doubt the boat goes out for 8 hours at a stretch so I’m guessing that I’ll be a monkey boy setting stuff up before a cruise then wash dishes during? I dunno. I’ll find out. I go in Wednesday to fill out paperwork.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with an academic advisor at PCC. I hope (but I doubt) my old (very old) classes still count. I really don’t want to have to take the Writing 100 series courses again. And math. Oh, no. Not math! *whimpers*.

My friend Dingo and his brother (and his brother’s girlfriend and her kid) are renting an apartment in northeast. It’s a cool house with a good sized back yard with deck and jacuzzi. I was thinking of moving in but the only real room they have is also the only way to get to the bathroom. There’s the basement, tho. I dunno. I still have to meet the girlfriend and the kid before deciding. It would be cool to live with Dingo, tho. We were considering getting a two bedroom apartment together a while ago but that didn’t happen.