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The happy time ends

March 31st, 2011

The last two weeks I had three day weekends. Last week because I traded with a coworker, the week before that because of my birthday.

The week before that my boss was on vacation. And just as a warmup he took the prior two Mondays off (which, since I work solo on Sundays, was like a three day weekend).

But it all comes crashing down.

This weekend is one day, the other day I traded with coworker. After that he goes on a three week vacation. Which means extra hours, if not extra days.

But you think, hey, overtime! And yeah, you’d be right except for the part where it’s worth it. I mean, I’ll take the money, but it only works out to an extra three bucks an hour. Which means it’s just more time at a place I hate doing shit I didn’t learn with the student loans I’m paying off.


The commercial real estate market needs to pick up.


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