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Way more than 140 characters

September 22nd, 2009

I’m putting in an under the wire treadmilling. Gotta try out my new Nike cross trainers my homie Jon Squares set me up with. Quality assist, dude.

I don’t think I’m gonna make sure I’m out the door by closing time. The front desk girl is unfriendly as hell. Maybe she thinks she’s hotter than she is, maybe she thinks I’m creepy. Can’t be bothered to care.

If the Kindle iPhone app is still free you should absolutely get it. If it’s south of $5 you should consider it. It’s pretty easy to read on the screen (I find). Only drawback is there’s no way to see how far in the book you are. That I can see.

My reread (iPhone thought I was trying to type Therese. WTF?) of Perdido Street Station is, going. The plot could be developing faster, but I think I’m supposed to be considering the city a character. I ain’t.

The View From The Bridge by Nicholas Meyer is pretty sweet. I got it yesterday and I’m almost done. A must for any Trek fan, especially if you’re more Deep Space Nine than Next Generation. I never bought into Roddenberry’s utopian idea, anyway.

I finally figured out how to get past the sticking point on my current first draft. Good thing three certain people aren’t blowing me up with feedback on my revising project, huh. (hint)

Multiple early stage projects vying for attention. Not sure what to do with any of them. Poop.

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