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I’m in love with this woman.

January 24th, 2009

“Eight years ago, we were preparing to enter the 21st Century stronger and more prosperous than ever before. The national debt was coming down along with the national crime rate and the unemployment rate, while the rates of home ownership and college admissions were on the rise. There was even talk that maybe, just maybe peace in the Middle East might happen one day. We were finally beginning to understand the harm we were inflicting on the environment, but we knew what needed to be done to reverse that trend. Technological advances in medicine, communication, energy consumption… the future was bright. Our children’s future was bright. The greatest generation was preparing to leave this world a better place…

“And then we screwed up. We elected an idiot to be President because we wanted to have a beer with him. Funny how we wanted to have a beer with someone who admitted to abusing alcohol until the age of 40. But hey, nothing about that election makes much sense. The popular vote went to the guy who wanted to end our dependency on fossil fuels, but the courts gave the election to the other guy – the guy who campaigned on restoring honor to the White House. If ever there was a time when we needed someone to govern to the middle – well that would have been the time. ”

Later on she has a post called “Kiss my 83 year old ass.” And she still has the energy to point out, repeatedly, that Sarah Palin is a FUCKING IDIOT.

Oh, Helen, you rock my world.

Add this blog to your links. It’s SO going into mine.

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