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Winter wonderland (or, me and my big mouth)

December 21st, 2008

Winter bitch #2 didn’t hold this year. We got 3-4 inches in the city center (I think, haven’t heard a weather report) and apparently nearly a foot on the west side. When I got sent to work (overtime FTW!) I found sidewalks and sidewalks of crispy snow. You know the stuff, a very thin layer of ice over a few inches if snow. So it makes great crunching noises as you stomp through it and you can pretend to be winter Godzilla rampaging through a very low altitude city.

This happened because I got spikes for my boots. You’re all welcome.

  1. jess
    December 21st, 2008 at 21:52 | #1

    can i take credit for this? the spikes that is.. i mentioned it the other night :) i wish i had snow to crunch through! :(

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