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August 18th, 2008

NOT soccer thankyouverymuch.

I’m so over Brett Favre. The whole ordeal has the smell of “fine, I’ll take my ball and go home!” Very spoiled, very petulant, very, well, athletic.

If he was that pissed at Packers management he should have asked for a trade at the end of last season. Or better yet, used his unmatched fan support to pressure management to fix whatever he was pissed off about. But this retirement thing is some bullshit. Brett always had an aura of stand up guy, like Ripken or Piazza. But no, he’s really better than T.O. only in scale, not content (pre teary eyed defense of Tony Romo T.O., at that. And as a quick tangent, how fascinating was that moment?).

Now on the other hand I’ve NEVER liked Eli Manning. His drafting went off like a debutante who didn’t get the date she wanted. Just thinking of him pouting with that Chargers jersey in his hands is enough to make me question professional sports. And his career until lately wasn’t much better.

Until lately, that foreshadowing, folks.

I admittedly didn’t follow last season closely but the story in the news coverage could have been summed up: Eli’s balls finally drop. Really it was like watching him grow up over the last part of last season, right into the Super Motherfuckin’ Bowl. Manning to Tyree? Wow. (another aside, fuck Belicheat and that whole rotten organization)

So, provisionally, the Giants are my team. We’ll see how the kid handles himself.

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