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Cutting stuff!

November 6th, 2007

FINALLY got some rechargeable 9 volts for my food scale. Which means dieting can begin in earnest. My goal is 200lbs, this morning I was 212.5. I’ve been holding steady since I fell off the diet a few weeks ago, and I can see a difference (and so have other people, woot!), although my waistline measurement hasn’t gone down really. The tape says 40 inches, but when I tried on a 40 inch waist pair of shorts a few months ago they didn’t even come close to fitting. So I’m not going to worry about that. Once I hit 200lbs I start weight training in earnest.

Anyone know a trainer that’s willing to take money for advice without expecting to actually supervise and direct workouts?

And it’s “election day”, which in Oregon only means that the fucking commercials stop, since we vote by mail”. I hope 49 passes.

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