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I hope they didn’t break anything…

August 15th, 2007

Back to work tomorrow. I definitely prefer maintenance to construction, even though I’m sure a Habitat project doesn’t function anything like a commercial job site.

The heat wasn’t so bad, and I didn’t sweat nearly as much as I thought I would. I drank most of the Unbottle, plus another bottle of water and a couple of cans of pop. Hardly peed. A whole lotta sweating, but the magic of the moisture wicking shirt kept me from getting soopa funkay. I was the only one who really came prepared. I had all that water, the shirt, a boonie hat to keep the sun off my delicate ears and some nice work gloves I picked up yesterday.

Friday is payday. W007! It’s my first direct deposit payday EVER and the day I give my mom the last half of her $1,000. I’m not sure she remembers she’s got it coming, I told her when I gave her the first half but she was a bit stunned to look inside an envelope with $500 in it, apropos of nothing and might not have heard me.

After that I start paying off my credit card. Which is good, because that money won’t sit in my savings account, tempting me to hang around for a few more beers.

I’ve been checking out apartment listings and not surprisingly rents have gone up a bit in the 3 or so years since I’ve been back at home. That kind of sucks. I suppose the prices I’m seeing on the web could be the housing equivalent of list prices. I hope so. I really like the entry on my finances spreadsheet that reads “spending”, I don’t want to see that number go down any. I should see about roomies.

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