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All momentous and shit.

May 1st, 2007

Today I did three things, landmark things. At a level of landmarkedness I haven’t attempted in, well, about two years.

First, I submitted The Ugly Life to the Nicholl Fellowship. In all honesty I don’t think that is going to go any further. IIRC in 6-8 wks I’ll get some kind of notification that they received my submission. Thousands are entered every year, less than ten win.

Second, I petitioned for graduation from PCC. Diploma time, no degree time. Just an associate’s degree (of applied science, even) but it’s a $12,000 piece of paper. It better fucking be nice.

Third, and on a related note, I attended the PCC Job Fair which went pretty well. I turned in one application on the spot, was invited to submit another at the site (which is a Target store near my mom’s house, you hafta use their stupid little job kiosk, I’ll do that Thursday or Friday), and got a few really good leads. I haven’t gone through all the material I got or counted how many resumes I handed out yet.

Hopefully something will come from this, because the want ads and job sites aren’t particularly encouraging. While I was there I also found out that there’s an internship program to sit for the test for an electrical licence (which the Oregon branch of the electrician’s union has made all but fucking impossible if you’re not in their little club) that’s one night a week for two years. I’m going to find out more about that. Especially since I have to come back to take a few classes next year-ish.

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