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April 11th, 2007

Alarm goes off at 5:17am.

Eat breakfast. Check e-mail, ride to internship (~20 minutes of tire rolling), intern, bus to school, eat, school gets out 8:30 at the absolute earliest. Bus/ride home. Bed by 10pm if I’m lucky.

Last night I wasn’t lucky.

This work/school shit is for the birds.

The screenplay is done (yay! Done!) and I really should be starting on my manuscript’s newest draft (which I think is going to be an extensive revision, but not quite a rewrite). But when? The logical answer is, and used to be, on the bus, but I’m paranoid about someone stealing my bike while it’s on the bus. So my laptop stays in my backpack. I do lock my bike’s front wheel to the frame when I put it on the bus, but I need to see the grab to keep someone from getting too far away with the bike if they decide to run with it. Chances are small, perhaps, but I can’t afford to replace the bike.

And then there’s sleep. Bah, fsck sleep.

Seven and a half-ish weeks left of interning.

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