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Lent or, thanks for getting nailed to the tree, Jesus

February 20th, 2007

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized any Protestants observed Lent. I immediately thought it was a great idea. Well, not immediately. I was working at an office I mostly refer to as the Shithole and the observer and I were trying to explain to another coworker what the purpose of Lent is.

We failed miserably, she just wouldn’t get it, but I came away convinced that observing Lent is a good thing for Christians to do.

Problem, my birthday is during Lent. Every. Year.

Now, the obvious thing for me to give up is booze. But do I make an exception for my birthday and say it’s the thought that counts, or do I not do it if I can’t do it right? I also read on Wikipedia that Sundays are not counted as Lent, because it was considered in appropriate to fast on God’s day.

Or I could give up pop, but is it a sacrifice if I use Lent to kick off a diet?

It starts tomorrow and right now I’m leaning toward if you can’t do it right don’t do it at all. But then again I frequently accuse fundamentalists of not giving God credit enough to be flexible, so maybe I should go for it.

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