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… told you I’m in charge of this family.

December 26th, 2006

Being sick is the poopiness. Cough, sniffles, bleagh.

Christmas wasn’t so bad. Dad was in town, picked me up on C-mas Eve to visit various family members. My aged aunt (Dad’s twin) loves Rockstar. I almost died from shock. Her husband doesn’t like Jager, smells like cough syrup (duh!). They work in a tavern in Oregon Shitty (I just found out through Wikipedia there’s an Oregon City, California. That makes no sense.It’s not like Cali was ever part of the Oregon Territory).

I love my uncle’s peanut brittle. *crunch*

Christmas did the usual breakfast with dad at my stepsister’s house. I don’t think there’s a single thing her two kids own that doesn’t have a microchip and a speaker. Oh, the beeping!

Then with mom, sister, aunt & uncle (mom’s siblings, not a couple) at a local restaurant. Then to Gloom’s for ham and the watching of Talladega Nights.

What the fuck drugs were they one when they wrote that? I know you can’t apply much logic to screwball comedies but there were scenes that just dragged on and plot twists that came out of left field. And it wasn’t that funny.

Except for Walker and Texas Ranger. Ho-lee sheeit.
“I may only be ten years old but I’ll beat your ass!”
“I’m all jacked up on Mountain Dew!”

“I love hospitals, let’s go find some drugs!”
“Yeah, I want some Vicodin”!

Michael Clarke Duncan reading Judy Blume? Anything Gary Cole said? Sheer awesome.

The rest of it? There’s this new thing called editing, please look into it, Mr. Ferrell. There’s a great 90 minute movie hiding in that 121 minute bewilderment you made.

I got another base layer shirt, which is awesome. And some movies (only 50% returns there) and a Carhartt stocking cap, so I can be all thug life, bitchez.

And a bell for my bike. *ring ring*

I gave my mom a fleece jacket, my sister nothing (yet) and my dad an IOU on another trip to this gallery that sells a ton of Oregon landscape photographs.

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