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July 24th, 2005

Head. So. Fuzzy.

Oot n’ aboot tonight with Gloom. S’cool. Bounced around, here, there.

I’m on day 4 of a 5 day stretch on the boat. It’s kinda annoying. I shouldn’t have been surprised when I saw the schedule, at the interview the chef asked me if I was willing to work full time. I’m scheduled for 38 hours this week and I usually go over by a half hour each day, so there’ s some OT there. Of course my OT rate is only moderately embarrassing so it’s not really that big of a deal. Next week scheduled for 36 hours. This week and next week I’m on the schedule for Wednesday through Sunday. Fsck! I think I’d rather have split days off than work all weekend.

Stuff’s annoying me there. Nothing too bad, really. Nothing compared to the last place I worked, which my friends only know as the shithole. We shitholers had an entire genus of adjectives for fucked up shit specific to that place all based on the name of the company. The worst part of the boat is that the cruises are so short. So I get dishes for 150-300 people in two hours. That would be busy over the course of a night at a land restaurant. Argh.

Okay, I gotta be to work in at noon and I’m riding down. To bed! Weeeeeee!!!

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