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July 18th, 2005

Holding steady. Now that summer seems to have arrived the boat is getting busier and busier. Stupid summer.

Speaking of the boat, I don’t think it’s just a summer job any more. But I dunno if I wanna work there permanently because the place dies in the winter. But that’s a few months away so I’m not going to sweat it.

Speaking of sweat, I need to ride downtown soon and I realized on my last ride that I cannot wear my street clothes while riding. It makes me awful sweaty down you-know-where and that can be mightly unpleasant.

I really need to get back onto a diet. I was 235 when I started exercising a few years ago and I weight in at 227 yesterday. Very bad. So (sigh) I need to cut down on pop. :-( I’ve also got to make it into the gym on the days I work. Which sucks. But it’ll give me a chance to take a shower after working, when I’m pretty sticky and icky. Unless I workout before working in which case I’ll still be kinda gummy. Oh well.

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