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July 7th, 2006

I’m listening to Pandora, something I heartily recommend to anyone who likes listening to music, and a Sarah McLachlan song comes on, which isn’t surprising because I think she’s the first performer listed on this particular station I have set up.

I used to be way into Sarah.  Before she started to suck.  I was the first member of her largest online fan community to declare Surfacing to be a substandard work.  At the time I was roundly castigated but over time most people came to agree with me.  Sincet hen she’s gone further and further astray into over-produced adult contemporary pap.

But listening to this song, the Mirrorball version of Hold On, even at her worst she’s head and shoulders above most of the crap that gets on the radio today.

I just wish she’d start singing soprano again. Not that the throaty voice is bad, but that soprano.  Wow.

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