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North Carolina bans gay marriage, it’s called democracy, you got a problem with that?

May 8th, 2012

I VOTED AGAINST OREGON’S GAY MARRIAGE BAN. Keep that in mind before you get your respective underwears in bunches.

America isn’t ready for gay marriage. Like I alluded to above, Oregon of all places banned gay marriage (once again, I voted against that). The obvious rejoinder is America wasn’t ready for civil rights in the ’60s. Clearly America was at least a little more ready. Or maybe the opposition wasn’t as organized, or maybe the disdain wasn’t as deep. In any event, to your rejoinder I say, “Well lah-dee-dah.” This isn’t the ’60s and gay marriage isn’t civil rights. Hell, I’ve said this before so I’ll just quote myself.

Your one-sided moral outrage is just as reprehensible as theirs. A LOT of Americans view moral considerations as at least equal to fiscal or legal considerations. In a democracy their view is just as important and valid (I repeat JUST AS VALID) as yours.

In a democracy, opposing gay marriage is just as valid as supporting it. Your opinions and beliefs are not more important or more right than anyone else’s in a democracy, especially if you vote for the losing side. What this means is NORTH CAROLINA GETS TO BAN GAY MARRIAGE, unless the NC or US Supreme Courts say otherwise. That’s how democracy and rule of law works. You don’t get to only like it when votes and decisions go your way (and just to re-reiterate, I voted against Oregon’s gay marriage ban, so save your slurs). Now, the courts haven’t had their final say, but if you’re holding out hope Roberts’ conservative activist Supreme Court will overturn California Prop 8, well, good luck with that.

If it came up on the Oregon ballot, I’d vote to remove the ban. But I gotta be honest, I’m not crazy about gay marriage as a concept. It’s probably the closest to reasonable that we’re going to get, though. Marriage isn’t about love, it’s about making kids to inherit land (and I’ve just saved myself a follow up to this post). I think we should do away with the whole fucking primitive thing. But that’s not going to happen, so gay marriage is a bad second best.

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